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Wisconsin football recruiting: Q&A with 2014 signee Lubern Figaro

We had a chance to chat with Everett, Mass., safety Lubern Figaro on Sunday. How's he preparing for football and life at the next level?

Wednesday, Everett, Mass., safety Lubern Figaro signed his national letter of intent to play football at Wisconsin. A few days prior, B5Q had spoke with the three-star commit via email to gauge his feelings on preparing for the next level?

How did your relationship with the Wisconsin coaching staff begin?

Lubern Figaro (LF): The relationship with the coaching staff all started when they started recruiting Jakarrie [Washington].

When you took your official visit to Wisconsin, what stood out most to you?

LF: On my official visit, the things that stood out the most were the fans. I had never seen so many people in my life and how the team treated each other like it was a big family.

How much of an influence was your former teammate from Everett, Jakarrie Washington, on you coming to Wisconsin?

LF: He wasn't really a big influence on my decision. As a man, you have to make your own decisions and that's what I did.

With offers from Michigan State, Vanderbilt and in-state schools like Boston College and Massachusetts, which factors made you decide Wisconsin was the school you wanted to attend and play for?

LF: The factors that made me decide Wisconsin was the school for me was how coach [Gary Andersen\ treated his players and how [safeties coach Bill] Busch treated me.

How has your family supported you through this process?

LF: My family supported me a lot In the process. They were just happy I have to do something special In my life.

What have the coaches told you about playing early in your college career, and do you have a personal goal as to how much you are hoping to contribute on the field next year?

LF: They told me I have a high chance to make an impact early, it's just how badly do I want it. It's all about being mentally and physically strong. My goals are to just not be nervous in front of 90,000 people every night, just have to play my game.

Here are just a couple fun, quick questions for you:

Favorite football player?
Player you idolize or model your game after?
Favorite video game?
Biggest personal influence in your life?

LF:  My favorite football player hands down has to be [Seattle Seahawks cornerback] Richard Sherman, hands down. He talks crap but backs it up.

I idolize my game after [Kansas City Chiefs safety] Eric Berry, favorite safety in the league.

Favorite video game has to be [NBA] 2K14. Nobody can touch me In that game.

Biggest influence has to be my mother and father working everyday just to support my brother and sisters.