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Wisconsin's red helmets are happening and they are nice

The Badgers will wear red helmets Saturday vs. Tennessee Tech, and while inverting their traditional color scheme is hardly radical, they do look pretty sweet.

You didn't forget, did you? Saturday, Wisconsin will be sporting the red helmets initially teased in an episode of "The Camp" a few weeks ago. The Badgers will also reportedly wear an all-red jersey-pants ensemble, providing what should be a fresh look that's an obvious departure from the traditional red-jersey, white-pants home uniforms.

Nice indeed. Back in that Camp episode, head coach Gary Andersen indicated the Badgers could wear them in other games this season, too. The responsibility for deciding that will apparently fall to the team's leadership committee, another new addition Andersen has implemented in his first season at UW.

On the back, you can also see the "Otis" sticker the helmets will sport in honor of former manager Kevin "Otis" Green, who died in a June car crash in Walworth, Wis.

Personally, I like the look. Clean, different and not this, which I think is the benchmark for acceptable Big Ten uniform changes. What about you? We have a nifty poll device below for your voting interests, and the comments are also at your disposal as always.

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