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Wisconsin vs. Arizona State: Run/pass charts, observations

The jet sweep returns! How did Wisconsin use it and in which formations? Plus, how balanced was the Badgers' offense against the Sun Devils?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Wisconsin went into Tempe , Ariz., with an offense that put up a combined 93 points and 1,204 yards against its first two opponents. Fans knew not to expect the same 40-point blowouts seen in the first two weeks of the season, but what new wrinkles and personnel would offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig pull from his sleeve against the Sun Devils?

Based on the chart below, the Badgers unveiled the re-emergence of that good ol' Melvin Gordon jet sweep, along with similar personnel groupings, albeit with less success than they had vs. the cupcake defenses seen earlier.

Personnel (RB/TE) Run Pass Total TD Notes
11 0 5
Stave: 1-of-5, all shotgun
12 3 4

13 2 1
21 4 1
22 3 0
Two jet sweep looks; Gordon 19-yard rush
23 1 1 Pedersen: Goal-line TD
Total 1st half: 12 12 24 1

Personnel (RB/TE) Run Pass Total TD Notes
11 1 9 Stave: 6-of-9, including 51-yard pass to Duckworth
12 1 4

13 3 3

21 1 2
Abbrederis: 31-yard reception
22 12 1 1 Jet sweep looks; 80-yard TD Gordon
23 1 0 1 2 goal-line TDs
Total 2nd half: 19 20 39 2

Run/pass breakdown:

  • Runs: 31
  • Passes: 32
  • Total plays: 63
  • Touchdowns: 3


  • Seen with the 22 personnel, the Badgers resumed the jet sweep formations Saturday night, resulting in big plays of 19 and 80 yards. Starting with the first plays of the second and third quarters, along with an 8-yard gain on one jet sweep left where Gordon just destroyed a would-be tackler, four jet sweeps, 113 yards, one touchdown. Yikes.
  • Of course, the Badgers ran an inside run off that same 22 personnel, faking the jet sweep. James White ran that nearly a few times, raking up usually around 4-7 yards per carry.
  • The Badgers employed a wishbone-type look out of the 13 personnel, but with two tight ends acting like the front running backs or H-backs. Obviously, you weren't going to see senior tight end Jacob Pedersen or junior Sam Arneson take the rock, but one resulted in Gordon's 30-yard run.
  • Wisconsin actually had more pass plays called than runs, although it was a fairly balanced game plan called by Ludwig.
  • Last week, Wisconsin ran 42 offensive plays in the first half. This week, 24. Why? Defensive linemen Will Sutton and the Sun Devils's defense made some quick three-and-outs for Badgers' offense.
  • Like against UMass in the first half, the 11 personnel (mostly all shotgun) did not work well for  quarterback Joel Stave against Arizona State. However, like we saw in the last drive of the first half against Tennessee Tech, a more sound, and dare I say clutch, Stave emerged in the second half, on the last drive utilizing this formation. Stave was 4-of-6 for 70 yards in the last drive using 11 personnel in mostly the shotgun.
  • Notice the use of the 22 personnel in the second half compared to the first. Utilizing the end around and jet sweep looks helped open up some running lanes for the Badgers' offense.
  • The goal-line 23 personnel is still perfect on the season. Two more plays near the end zone, two more touchdowns. That's five plays, five touchdowns on the year.