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Morning Update: UMass vs. Wisconsin

Check out today's gameday vitals, and come chat with us in the comments as we await kickoff.


My goodness, it's back. College football Saturday is back.

Wisconsin and UMass kickoff in slightly more than two hours at Camp Randall Stadium. The stream to the right will catch you up on everything that happened throughout the week, or you can get the CliffsNotes version in B5Q Weekly.

Today's vitals:

  • Who: UMass vs. Wisconsin
  • What: The season-opener, dummy
  • When: 11 p.m. CT
  • Why: Because college football
  • Where: Camp Randall Stadium, Madison, Wis.
  • How: With a football, 100 yards of grass and one beautiful stadium
  • Point spread: Wisconsin -45
  • Over/under: -105/-115

Morning news:

Not much, so far. By now, we know Joel Stave will start and have already welcomed him back.

In the absence of news, let's turn to pictures people are snapping outside the newly renovated Camp Randall:

There you go. Essentially a virtual tour of the stadium. It looks pretty nice.

5 more things to watch:

We've previewed the living heck out of one of college football's worst teams in 2012, but hey: we just can't get enough. So here are five more things to watch:

  1. So Stave starts. Does he just play until Wisconsin has an insurmountable lead, and then it's Curt Phillips time? It'll be surprising if we don't see both quarterbacks considering how close the position battle was this fall, unless we've all been duped. Also, will Tanner McEvoy get his reps, and where will they be?
  2. So UMass is really not very good. But will Wisconsin's weaknesses show enough to be concerning? Mainly thinking of the thin offensive line and the secondary here.
  3. How will the balance of carries shake out between James White and Melvin Gordon? White will probably start, but does he get considerably more than Gordon, who's more than ready to shoulder his loud of the offense. Also, will we see a lot of Corey Clement?
  4. Just how good will the front seven look? I'm beginning to think Chris Borland could have a ridiculous senior year.
  5. What attire will Gary Andersen sport out of the handle? Nobody's really talked about this, guys, but we're not gonna get to see The Windbreaker anymore.

Have a great one, guys. We'll be here all day -- chat with us until kickoff, a little before which we'll have our official game thread up. On Wisconsin.