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Wisconsin wearing alternate helmet vs. Tennessee Tech

As revealed in the latest episode of "The Camp," Wisconsin will wear a color-swapped helmet in its week two game vs. Tennessee Tech. Gary Andersen will leave it up to his leadership committee to decide if/when they'll wear them again.

UPDATE, Tuesday, Sept. 3: Didn't forget about this, did you? Here are two more looks into how Wisconsin's color-inverted helmets will look Saturday, albeit without the "Motion 'W'" decals.


When the Wisconsin Badgers take the field for their Sept. 7 game vs. Tennessee Tech, they'll do so sporting at least one new look: a helmet with an inverted color scheme, featuring a red helmet and white "Motion 'W.'"

The helmet was brought to widespread Internet attention by the great Uni Watch, though Wisconsin's latest episode of its "The Camp" miniseries was actually the source when it captured a team meeting last week. That's unless you count this photo @BadgerFootball tweeted out the other day.

So clever, our ace social media guru completely missed it.

Remember, we should brace ourselves for some different uniform takes this season. We've had some confirmation as to the possibility of these alternate adidas jerseys, and who knows how else Wisconsin will want to usher in the Gary Andersen era.

Personally, I really enjoy these helmets. They're a fresh look without stepping into insane Oregon territory*, and they obviously stay directly within Wisconsin's red-and-white tradition. We'll see what uniform combination they pair with this helmet -- I wouldn't be surprised if the jerseys and pants are alternates, as well.

*Obligatory apology for that Rose Bowl mention.

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