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Has it only been 8 months?

It's been nearly eight months since Bret Bielema darted for Arkansas but his antics and a new UW regime make it seem as if much more time has passed.

Wesley Hitt

Guys, I've had a couple "Bielema moments" over the past few days. First, I came across this tweet on Saturday:

And while searching for that tweet for the sake of this post, I noticed more shots fired by Bielema:

Bret... didn't you learn from your elementary school teachers? It's usually not the one who starts the fight who ends up in trouble, but rather the one who ends it. Just take a look at his tweets from the past few days (because I hope you still don't endure the pain of following him), and you won't know whether to laugh or simply shake your head at the immaturity of the former UW head coach.

Finally, this tweet from Tom Oates took the cake:

I just can't believe it took this long for us to come across this inspiring video. But seriously, how much fun as it been tracking the misadventures of Bielema since his departure? And the crazy part is he hasn't even coached a game at Arkansas yet! Thankfully -- for the most part -- the floodgates didn't swing open on Bielema's off-the-field dramas until he arrived in Fayetteville.

Regardless, it dawned on me how much has transpired for both Bielema and UW since the divorce. Not only has Bielema made endless headlines but Wisconsin long ago closed -- er, rather slammed -- the door on the Bielema-era and welcomed Gary Andersen with open arms.

Andersen has already won over the hearts and confidence of the vast majority of Wisconsin fans by saying all the right things publicly and making moves on the recruiting trail, which has made Bielema's exit feel like a distant memory.

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