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"The Sports Abyss" (copyright: Paul Allen)

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The light at the end of the tunnel is growing nearer, but for now we're all doing our best to survive the dullest time in the sports calender.

David Banks

There should be some sort of award for making it through the entire Home Run Derby contest (insert Chris Berman joke here). No offense baseball fanatics, but I can't take much more of the "sports abyss" -- how Minnesota Vikings' play-by-play announcer Paul Allen refers to this eerily quiet period of the sports year. It could've been worse though, as watching the Oakland A's Yoenis Céspedes crush 17 first round homers with ease was fairly entertaining.

I know we're beginning to sound like whining toddlers with all this "is it football season yet?" business but I'm sure most, if not all of you, are in the same boat. NFL and college football camps are just around the corner, but we've still got many weeks until meaningful games are played. Without actual UW practices, games or really anything else taking place, every topic previewing the season has been seemingly beaten to death. So -- and I promise it'll only be this week -- I've decided to take a page out of Louis' book from yesterday and throw in some football videos. I assure you, it's better than nodding off to a piece in which I attempted to breakdown a preseason award watchlist.

For the time being, I'll do my best to quit griping and just enjoy the anomaly that is summer weather.

"I've eaten burritos bigger than you"

--JJ Watt at 0:48