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Reaction to Danny O'Brien leaving Wisconsin

Likely buried on the depth chart under three or four other quarterbacks, O'Brien is leaving Wisconsin to explore his options elsewhere. We'll keep this page updated with pertinent updates and reactions as they come about.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Confirmation from @TheBadgerNation:

As Jesse Temple (the reporter from Fox Sports Wisconsin who broke the story) points out, O'Brien has since deleted his Twitter account.

Early last month, O'Brien had a somewhat cryptic tweet that seemed optimistic, though his choice of images accompanying the tweet -- three, one of him fumbling and two others of him throwing the ball -- seemed puzzling. From our LinkShot of the May 2 tweet. (Ed.: The text of the tweet is now gone, as well, since the account's been deleted.)

O'Brien speaks:

A reminder of O'Brien's comments earlier this season against transferring, from the Wisconsin State's Journal write-up of today's news:

Near the end of last season, O'Brien said he was dedicated to returning this season and didn't want to transfer.

"I've gone through the transfer process once and that's hectic, (I) don't want to do that again, but we'll see," he said at the time.