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Our response to Minnesota Hate Week

Friends, you may not like some tactics. But Minnesota's our neighbor. Show it some love.

Scott Halleran

Hate's easy. It's the easiest emotion in the universe. Especially on the Internet or in a car. They won't know who you are. And you will feel better. Spleen venting? It makes you feel better.

But it takes a piece from you. And you know what? Love overcomes hate.

And friends, while on Saturday I believe that we'll score more points than Minnesota and find a way to take the Axe back home to Madison, I want to take this moment to show some love for the school up north. Because friends, Minnesota's brought a lot to our state and our world.

It's time to break out the love for Minnesota.

Music: Minnesota's a strong state for music. You should know about Bob Dylan. We can't be friends if you don't know about Prince. Minneapolis is also home to a surprisingly vibrant rap scene, and if you're into that sort of music, going down the rabbit hole of Rhymesayers Entertainment is bound to find you some quality. I would recommend P.O.S. and his album, "We Don't Even Live Here." In fact, you can even give the University of Minnesota credit for Yanni, whose mere existence has delighted people for generations.

Pro wrestling: Man, if you've ever had any interest in pro wrestling, you'll realize just how much Minnesota's brought to the game. From your Ric Flairs to your Rick Rudes. From your Mr. Perfect's to your Demolition Smash's. Heck, the University of Minnesota brought you the delightful Brock "BORK LASER" Lesnar and Shelton Benjamin. In fact, until yesterday, a Minnesota man held the third-most prestigious singles title in the WWE, losing it to Iowa Hawkeye (and B5Q interview subject) Big E Langston.

Entertainment: Don't think I forgot about you, St. Paul. Minneapolis has a vibrant downtown entertainment scene where good comedians and musical acts will play most nights. If you're lucky, maybe a Maria Bamford comes home. But if you go to the Fitzgerald Theatre in the more straight-laced twin city, you can find yourself face-to-face with a wild Garrison Keeler. He'll tell you stories of Guy Noir on Lake Wobegone. Or if you're not careful, you may find yourself at a taping of the Radio Show Wits. It's truly an underrated podcast. There's music and interviews and comedy sketches.

And sometimes you can find one-time blog reader and superstar comedian Paul F. Tompkins sing a song about an Emu Attack (at the 7:49 mark).

Politics: I know, talking about politics is potentially going to start a comment war, but the fact of the matter is that Minnesota is a state where you can find some true political lions. Joseph Hurst Ball was one of the Republicans who crossed party lines and supported Britain's fight against Germany in World War II. Everett Dirksen was so good, they named a building after him on Capitol Hill. Harold Stassen holds the record for the most times someone sought a presidential nomination with 12. Eugene McCarthy ended Lyndon Johnson's reelection run with his outsider charge. Warren Burger was Chief Justice for the major cases that faced the Supreme Court for six presidents. In fact, they had two party presidential candidates who were Golden Gophers. And Walter Mondale proved to be truly memorable.

Hollywood: Minnesota brought the world the Coen Brothers. I could stop right there. I probably should stop right there. But you know what? Some of the better movies of the last decade have Minnesota credit. "The Informant!" Written by Scott Z. Burns. "Up?" Pete Docter directed that. Henry Fonda got his education at the University of Minnesota. So too Jessica Lange and Peter MacNicol. And if you don't think I'm going to throw out a Vigo the Carpathian speech? You're just crazy.

All in all, Minnesota has brought joy into our lives, freedom into our hearts and the Twin Cities are a quality place to visit. They may not like the fact that the Badgers are coming. They may not like the fact that Minnesota's run defense is ranked 82nd on a per-play basis and it has to face Melvin Gordon and James White on the frozen tundra. But friends? Answer hate with love.

Even if, as Oscar Wilde once said. It's for the reason that nothing annoys them so much.

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