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Wisconsin players raise cancer awareness with "Shave to Save"

Several Badgers shaved their heads for a great cause.

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

College football players tend to lend themselves to more scrutiny than sincerity off the field, as seen this week at Alabama and Ole Miss. At times, it's hard to even see a positive light shone on the college game in midst of distractions and antics from Johnny Football, among others.

But then, you can see the good not just one player, but many, can make to the community surrounding their university.

During its bye week, some members of the Wisconsin football team agreed to raise awareness and funding for childhood cancer research by giving up something of their own: their hair. The event on Thursday afternoon, "Shave to Save," allowed patients from the American Family Children's Hospital in Madison to shave several Badgers' heads. Once the players' heads were shaved, the patients and their families enjoyed a pizza party with the Badgers.

Make sure you check out more photos on Wisconsin Football's Facebook page.

Rather than having me adding a caption to every tweet put out by Wisconsin's athletic department and various members of the media, let's have the pics speak for themselves:

That was yesterday. Today, some Badgers visited a local elementary school:

Looks like a bye week spent well serving the Madison community.