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The Season So Far: A musical interlude

Take a moment to rest, reflect and listen to the songs of September.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It's a bye week, y'all. You know what happens when there's a bye week. There's a little rest, a little relaxation and it's time to pursue some other interests.

Now, I enjoy music. And I want you to enjoy music. So a brief review of the season so far... in surround sound! (Be careful if your work doesn't love the swears).

UMass: "Triple Trouble," by Beastie Boys

It was not the feel-good hit of the summer. But this showed we were a team that wasn't just one great and one good running back. James White and Melvin Gordon had a third: the young Corey Clement. And he was most definitely worthy of being called mesmerizing, tantalizing, captivating and devastating.

Tennessee Tech: "Go Go Gadget Flow," by Lupe Fiasco

I'm not going to talk about what happened to Lupe since The Cool; I'm just going to say this was the best game the Badgers had overall. Joel Stave was throwing, a second straight trio of hundred-yard rushers and the defense shut them down. It was smooth. It was easy going. It was nice. It was nice as hell.

Arizona State: "Feel the Pain," by Dinosaur Jr.

I feel the pain of everyone. Then I feel nothing. Maybe a little on the nose. But J Macsis spoke to me on that fateful night.

Purdue: "Give 'em What They Want," by The Love Me Nots


Running and defense and beating Purdue. The meaning of the lyrics are somewhat different from the title. But it's a dancy song for a game that was a cruising, generally happy feeling. Outside of one play. But you know what?

Ohio State: "That's Life," by Frank Sinatra

This was the best performance by Stave, a statement of NFL Purpose for Chris Borland and Jared Abbrederis, and it wasn't enough. The passing game clicked, and it only left them within striking distance. But you know what? We've got the pieces to come together. And we'll pick ourselves up and get back in the race.