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2013 Senior Bowl: Ricky Wagner off to bad start?

Reports range from passing mentions of Wisconsin's former left tackle to overwhelmingly bad reviews.


The 2013 Senior Bowl is this Saturday, and the week's first two practices have been anything but kind to Ricky Wagner.

Wisconsin's former left tackle -- indeed, listed as "Ricky" and not "Rick" on the official North roster -- suited up for practices beginning on Monday and has seen his draft stock only drop, if anything. The extent of scouting reports vary; after all, there are 105 players to keep track of.

But several reports have tabbed Wagner, who was listed at 6-foot-6 and 318 pounds -- fairly in line with his listing at UW -- as "slow," "stiff," and "looking like a day three prospect."


Russ Lande from National Football Post has Wagner as one of four players that struggled in the second Senior Bowl practice on Tuesday:

3. Ricky Wagner, OT, Wisconsin (6061, 310 and 5.25): Wagner struggled again today, as he lacked quickness off the ball and was too passive with his hands, resulting in him getting literally bull rushed into the QB on one occasion. Like yesterday, he tended to stop his feet on contact against speed rushers, duck his head and get beaten around the edge. This week he has looked like a day three prospect despite being a multi-year starter Wisconsin.

Lande didn't have Wagner on Wednesday's struggle list, though Thornton and former Michigan quarterback/soon-to-be wide receiver (or something) Denard Robinson made sure the Big Ten was well represented.

FWIW, Rotoworld suggests Wagner could slide over to the right side in the NFL.