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Early Game Thread: Big Ten Season Begins

We've still got several hours until our own conference opener, but ESPN has made the questionable fine choice to feature two Big Ten games on its networks. Right now, Penn State-Illinois is on the flagship, while Minnesota-Iowa is airing on ESPN2.

A quick primer on StoryStreams, in case you haven't been on one: there isn't really much to know. Each story in the stream functions normally, so our Early Game Thread goes on the comments below this story, while updates will follow throughout the day and into our game in separate stories. You can comment on each one, as each functions as a different story. The StoryStream function allows us to group relevant stories together, though, so you can head right to the main StoryStream link and keep it open all day.

We'll open up another thread for Wisconsin-Nebraska later on, but for now, why not join us on here? Topics can include Big Ten games, non-Big Ten games, your baseball picks for the playoffs, your favorite replacement ref -- anything.

Also, some early reading for you: