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Apply to Become Wisconsin's New Head Football Coach!

Wisconsin is going about the hiring process a little bit differently this time around. Barry Alvarez apparently doesn't feel he has anyone he can simply point to and say, "You, you're head football coach now." Instead, he will be casting a net far and wide hoping to catch a tuna among the sludge. And oh, there will be sludge.

Wisconsin has listed the vacated head coaching job on its website. Bill Belichick is free to apply. So am I, apparently. Let's see what the requirements are ...

Degree and area of specialization:

Bachelor's Degree required

I have one of those! What else?

Minimum number of years and type of relevant work experience:

Minimum of 5 years of successful collegiate football coaching experience preferred. Division I head coaching experience is also preferred.

Dang. Well if you or anyone you know fits the bill, feel free to send an application in. Applications will be accepted only through Dec. 19, so don't delay!