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Chris Borland Tweet Takes Stab at Bret Bielema

While Bret Bielema's departure has taken everyone by surprise, so far all involved parties have been cordial. Players leaving Tuesday's team meeting expressed their disappointment, but were still able to say nice things. Ditto Barry Alvarez, who even sounded somewhat choked up speaking on the Dan Patrick show.

Cue junior middle linebacker Chris Borland to do what he does best, and lay a body slam:

AWWWWW YEEEAAAHHH. After a couple days spent fretting about the future of the program, and falling in and out of love with a dozen potential head coaches, it is refreshing to hear someone come out with some good old-fashioned trash talk and show that this situation isn't being taken lightly behind closed doors.

Thank you, Chris Borland, thank you for coming out and making everything fun again.