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Bret Bielema Nearly Lets 'On Wisconsin' Slip on Mad Dog Radio

Say what you will about Bret Bielema, but he always made a point to promote the Wisconsin brand at every opportunity. Sometimes it was big things, like letting ESPN film an hour-long special on last year's quarterback competition. At the very least, he dropped a quick "On Wisconsin" at the end of press conferences, as well as radio and TV interviews.

Unfortunately for him, hard-set habits don't die easy. Speaking with Bruce Murray on Mad Dog Radio on Thursday afternoon, Bielema not-so-gracefully caught himself from saying "On Wisconsin" at the end of the interview. You can just hear him make a wuh sound before he stammers, "Go Hogs". Take a listen here.

You can check out highlights from the interview on the Twitter feed for Mad Dog Radio. There wasn't much more to gleam than what has surfaced over the past couple days. Bielema reiterated that money for assistant coaches was one of the big reasons he left, though not the only reason. He also said that Barry Alvarez was at practice every day, and will do a great job coaching the Rose Bowl.

Standard stuff, except that he apparently still has cheese curds on the brain.