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Bret Bielema Does 'Woo Pig Sooie' at Arkansas Press Conference

My goodness, that was weird.

Yep, that happened at Arkansas' introductory press conference for Bret Bielema. There, you'll see Bielema, his wife, Jen (not Jennifer, as we learned) and Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long.

This was clearly the highlight of a press conference which introduced Bielema to the Razorback community, struggle to answer three-part questions and possibly spill the beans on Wisconsin's plans to have Director of Athletics Barry Alvarez coach the Badgers in the Rose Bowl.

In fairness, Bielema did seem to grow less nervous as the presser wore on. He shed some light on the process of leaving Wisconsin, which stretched from Sunday to Tuesday, and also took a semi-jab at UW for supposedly not giving him enough resources to retain assistants. Bielema said he's not yet sure if he'll take any of Wisconsin's current assistant coaches with him, but he did make a clear promise to build a first-rate staff at Arkansas.

Much more come to on B5Q. Thanks to @Landgrant33 for the .GIF.