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Barry Alvarez to Announce Thursday Whether He Will Coach Rose Bowl

Barry Alvarez will hold a press conference Thursday to announce who will coach the Wisconsin Badgers for the Rose Bowl, according to the Wall Street Journal. In an interview, Alvarez told the publication that he has not ruled out the possibility of coaching the team himself on Jan. 1 against the Stanford Cardinal.

It shouldn't come as a shock to anyone at this point that Alvarez is considering returning to the team, even if only for the trip to Pasadena. As Adam pointed out just a bit ago, Alvarez has had his fair share of success in the Rose Bowl, and would likely be received warmly by fans. He would also have to shake off a considerable amount of rust. Alvarez' last game was nearly seven years ago.

Alvarez is in New York for his induction into the College Football Hall of Fame, in case you wondering why the Wall Street Journal was able to scoop the local press.