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Paul Chryst Buyout: We Don't Know, and Neither Do You [UPDATED]

Are you the athletic director or president of the University of Pittsburgh? Then you probably don't know what Paul Chryst's buyout is.

Jared Wickerham

UPDATE, 3:20 pm: reports that Chryst's buyout can be paid in installments, which would make it easier for Wisconsin to pay it off. So there's some clairty there, at least.


Surprise, Paul Chryst is a top candidate for the Wisconsin Badgers coaching job. Of course, his buyout could potentially prevent the Badgers from hiring him. If Barry Alvarez concludes that Chryst is his guy and he doesn't want anyone else, the university will probably just fork over the cash, but there's obviously a number that is going to be prohibitive at some point.

No one knows what that number is, and no one knows what Chryst's buyout is. The speculation on the internet is astonishing at the moment. Seriously, this is breaking Twitter.

We had some speculation from one of our community members, ObrienSchofieldIsMyHero, that Chryst's buyout is an irrational number. Personally, I believe that it's n + $1m, in which n is the amount that Barry Alvarez is willing to pay.