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10 Ways Gary Andersen Can Endear Himself to Wisconsin Badger Fans

Wisconsin's new head coach has a few quick wins in front of him when it comes to winning over the Badger faithful. We may or may not be serious ... you decide.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Congratulations coach Gary Andersen on taking the Wisconsin job -- what are you going to do next?

Before Andersen answers that hypothetical question, I've got 10 tips for the man. Here's how you start making friends fast in Madison.

1. Run. Run. Run.
This one is simple. It's Wisconsin. We run the ball.

2. Start offering scholarships to Arkansas' recruits.
"What's that Bielema? You in the SEC don't want to be like the Big Ten in any way, shape, or form?" Tough luck.

3. Make room for Thomas Hammock.
For continuity's sake, Andersen has got to find a place for one or two current coaches so players have a few familiar faces. Wisconsin's current running backs coach and recruiting coordinator is the lone remaining link to impressive recruiting classes in 2013 and 2014. Hammock has done yeoman's work with the RB corps and Midwestern recruits, plus he's the last man standing with any tenure. Bart Miller and Ben Strickland? Sure, keep them too, if possible. But neither is a necessity and both are harder to justify. Show Hammock the money.

4. Have the Aggie tattoo lasered off.

5. Replace with bigger, better Bucky tattoo.
Badger fans have put up with the Herky jokes for the past nine years with Bret Bielema. Andersen can at least pretend to be a committed Wisconsin man ... just like he did with Utah State.

6. Oh, and rename those dogs too.
They're Great Danes though -- sounds like a match!

7. Beat Urban Meyer.
The Ohio State coach hired Andersen to coach his defensive line at Utah, after all. Maybe the new UW coach picked up a few tells. At worst, he knows what Meyer is capable of and will be uniquely motivated to do better against the Buckeyes than Bielema did.

8. What the heck, go after Ohio State's recruits too.
It's open season on unsigned prospects. Give Urbz a taste of his own medicine.

9. Win a Rose Bowl.
Starting with the one he won't even be coaching. Andersen won two BCS bowls as an assistant at Utah, which is two more than Bielema (0-3) has been a part of during his career.

10. Unbutton that top button.


UPDATE: This video is pretty much required viewing for those looking to get excited about the Gary Andersen era.