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Chris Ash Gets $550,000 Salary at Arkansas

The details are out on Ash's defensive coordinator contract at Arkansas, and they confirm Wisconsin probably couldn't have kept him.

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You heard all about Wisconsin's supposed lack of willingness/inability to shell out big bucks for its assistant coaches when Bret Bielema was announced as the head coach at Arkansas.

Turns out, that might've been true. Chris Ash, Wisconsin's current defensive coordinator who will depart for Arkansas after he coaches the Badgers in the Rose Bowl, will make $550,000 per year in a deal that runs through 2015, per Robbie Neiswanger of the Arkansas News Bureau/Stephens Media.

Per Neiswanger's colleague, Matt Jones, that represents a pretty hefty raise from Arkansas' 2011 assistant coach salaries.

It seems safe to say Wisconsin wasn't -- couldn't, probably -- going to shell out a $550,000 salary to Ash. Loyalty issues aside, you can't really blame him either. That 47 percent figure is pretty hefty.

Fortunately for the Badgers, it seems as though the players won't be affected by Ash's looming departure.