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B5Q Roundtables

B5Q Roundtable: the Badgers ran the damn ball and woke up on Sunday morning with a win

What did our staff like from Saturday night, what still needs to be cleaned up and how should Paul Chryst divide the carries in the backfield.

B5Q Roundtable: what exactly happened against Penn State?

Four of our writers have taken some time to decompress and discuss Saturday’s game logically and rationally.

B5Q Roundtable: NCAA Tournament predictions edition

Predictions, favorite players and upsets from the goons here at B5Q.

Wisconsin men’s basketball roundtable: how will the rest of the season go?

Three writers. Three questions. Any hope for the end of the season????

B5Q Roundtable: Duke’s Mayo Bowl champions edition

The Wisconsin Badgers defense turned up the heat in the second half and they came away with the Duke’s Mayo Bowl championship.

B5Q Roundtable: winning the Axe edition

The Badgers outlasted the Gophers and the Axe will stay home, where it belongs. What did the B5Q staff think about the game?

B5Q Roundtable: we try and find some positives from the Iowa loss

There were a couple! Hey, where are you going, we’re serious!

B5Q Roundtable: well, that sucked

The Badgers lost to the Hoosiers and our writers have some thoughts on what went wrong.

B5Q Roundtable: recap of a wild (?) week in the Big Ten

Our writers got together to discuss how the most recent Badgers-less weekend of college football went.

B5Q Roundtable: Big Ten season predictions

Player of the year, first-team All-B1G, NCAA Tournament teams? We’ve got all the answers right here.

B5Q Roundtable: did anything good happen against Northwestern?

Our writers tried their best to find some silver linings from this horrible game.

B5Q Roundtable: which true freshman was most impressive on Saturday night?

Plus, do any of our writers think they could’ve scored on Leo Chenal’s interception?

B5Q Roundtable: how good is BYU and who is the worst team in the Big Ten?

Plus, some dark horse Heisman candidates that aren’t named Graham Mertz.

Roundtable: Is Jim Harbaugh on the hot seat? Who wins the Big Ten West?

Plus, we make some updated CFP picks and talk about B1G surprises so far.

Roundtable: Wisconsin’s season opening victory over Illinois

Plus, the most impressive team in the Big Ten after Week 1 of the season.

B5Q Roundtables: B1G Tournament discussion

Plus a little Badgers talk to start off the roundtable.

B5Q Review: The B5Q Midseason Roundtable

Now that we know what happened, how far off the mark were we?

Wisconsin basketball: midseason roundtable

Are the Badgers still going to make the NCAA Tournament? Who has been the MVP of the team this year? IS GREG GARD ON THE HOT SEAT?!?!

Jonathan Taylor appreciation roundtable

Our writers get together to remember one of the best players to ever grace Camp Randall Stadium.

Wisconsin football: B1G Title game and Rose Bowl roundtable

We put a bow on the B1G Title loss and look ahead to a fun bowl matchup with Oregon.

Wisconsin basketball: EMERGENCY ROUNDTABLE

Are the Badgers already cooked this season? Can they turn it around? Did we really do a whole EMERGENCY ROUNDTABLE without bringing up Greg Gard once?

Wisconsin football: the Axe is back home roundtable

The Badgers beat the Gophers and are heading to Indy as the B1G West champs. What did B5Q think about the game?

Wisconsin football: more like Purdon’t roundtable

Wisconsin beat Purdue, again, but there are definitely still some things to clean up before getting the Axe back. What did B5Q think about the game?

Wisconsin football: Freedom Trophy roundtable

Wisconsin beat Nebraska, again, but there are definitely some things to clean up before the last two regular season games. What did B5Q think about the game?

Wisconsin football: Heartland Trophy roundtable

The Badgers were just good enough to beat Iowa. What did B5Q think about the game?

Wisconsin football: Chase Young roundtable

How many of you would scientists need to clone before you could stop Chase Young?

Wisconsin basketball: B1G Conference preview roundtable

Who will win the B1G? Who are the five best players in the conference? Will anyone from the B1G make the Final Four?

Wisconsin football: WELP roundtable

What else is there to say about losing to Illinois? Actually, we’ve got quite a lot!

Wisconsin football: midseason roundtable

Will the Badgers be in the mix for a CFP spot? Who are the best players in the conference?

B5Q Roundtable: the Upper Peninsula is ours!

The Badgers put Michigan State through a meat grinder on Saturday. What else did the staff like about the shutout victory?

B5Q Roundtable: this defense is pretty good

The Badgers balled Kent State up and tossed them in the trash can under your desk, what else did we take from the game?

B5Q Roundtable: thank God Northwestern isn’t on the schedule again until next year

The Badgers won, but it wasn’t pretty.