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Wisconsin freshmen come out of their shells

Or was there really no shell to begin with? Coming in six strong, Bo Ryan's latest crop of newbies appears to be one of the most entertaining groups yet.

We've heard quite a bit by now about how the men's basketball team's six new freshmen are an interesting bunch and have gotten along well with each other as a group. This week, two new videos hit the web giving us an even better look at how goofy the newcomers are. It is most striking just to see how comfortable most of the guys are in opening up to the media.

In the first clip above, Vitto Brown -- who we profiled this summer -- dishes the real dirt on each freshman to Rob Hernandez of the Wisconsin State Journal. The second video below, produced by the UW Athletic Department, gets all six involved for a short sit-down interviews at the recent Shooting Down Cancer fundraiser. Nigel Hayes proves he's every bit as gregarious as Brown.

Please, don't change guys...