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State Street Stats

NCAA Basketball Completion Percentages

The NCAA is made up of its member organizations. Never forget that.

Minnesota, You’re On... STATWATCH PLAID

It’s freezing out. Let’s go streaking!

Indiana, You’re On...STATWATCH PLAID

::puts a 0 on the Days This Big 10 Blog Talked About The Rose Bowl sign::

Northwestern, You’re On...STATWATCH PLAID

We’re having a Ryan Field day with this one. Nobody’s happy.

Nebraska, You’re On... STATWATCH PLAID

Did Nebraska really used to be good at football?

Fighting Illini, You’re On STATWATCH PLAID

We dive deep into the numbers to try and figure out what happened last year against Illinois and how it can be avoided this year.

State Street Stats: how will Wisconsin’s defense fare against Minnesota?

Wisconsin may need some help from above to slow the Gopher passing attack

State Street Stats: Iowa preview

The data suggests three critical factors to look for in Saturday’s B1G elimination game

Midterm grades for Wisconsin football’s 2019 season

Progress report time for Paul Chryst and company!

UW sports analytics, bracketology and solving the opioid crisis

B5Q sat down with UW-Madison Engineering faculty Dr. Laura Albert from Badger Bracketology.

State Street Stats: There is no conceivable way NU beats UW (right?)

I’ve made so many bad predictions around Northwestern already, so I’m ready to turn the page

State Street Stats: Wisconsin vs. Michigan preview

Michigan’s defensive weaknesses match up with Wisconsin’s offensive shortcomings

State Street Stats: College football teams lie!

Also, stick to the end for a feel-good story.