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Reaction Formation

Reaction Formation: Group Therapy

Greg's back in the doctor's office after a pretty terrible week. Old habits resurface, but this time he's not alone.

Reaction Formation: Critical Junctions

Greg's back on the couch before a crucial four-day stretch for Badger fans' sanity.

Reaction Formation: Melvin Eats

Greg's back on the sofa and he can't even right now in the best way possible.

Reaction Formation: Arandaconda

Greg, I get it. Arandaconda is a really good nickname. Now please stop placing "ARANDACONDA" sticky notes all over my office.

Reaction Formation: Bromance

Greg, I'm happy for you. I really am. But this is hand-crafted, artisanal Montanian leather. My great-grandfather tanned this hide himself. Please stop jumping on the sofa.

Reaction Formation: The Solar Eclipse

Greg's back on the leather sofa, ready to dish on all things Badger.

Reaction Formation: The Adult Section

Please stop texting me pictures of Rafael. I'm on vacation. Journal your thoughts while I'm gone.

Reaction Formation: Everything is Awesome!

Please, the couch is not for humping. Now, tell me about your Badgers.

The weirder it gets, the more I invest myself

Please, sit back on the couch. Tell me about your Badgers.