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Podcast: ESPN's Rece Davis, BTN's Brandon Williams talk Badgers

Grant Halverson

What do nationally respected media analysts Rece Davis and Brandon Williams think of the Wisconsin Badgers? Check it out here:

We talked with ESPN's Davis at the top of the show about the Badgers' season and the Capital One Mascot Challenge. Davis, also the host of ESPN's College Basketball version of College Gameday, discussing all the mascots left in the challenge, this year's Wisconsin football team, the BCS standings and Bo Ryan's basketball squad. Be sure to vote in the Challenge semifinals at

Since our audio failed us on Sunday, we also played our conversation with former Badgers star and current BTN analyst Brandon Williams. He's a great voice in the media now, and the all-time receptions leader at Wisconsin talked about his climb into broadcasting, his impressions of Gary Andersen and the coaching staff in their first year, and more.

At the 30-minute mark, Wes Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press Gazette talks with us about the Green Bay Packers' chances against the Atlanta Falcons and if they can somehow make it to the playoffs. Another great 25-minute talk with the Packers beat writer -- can't-miss stuff as we break down all the issues surrounding the Packers.