Wisconsin Rose Bowl Merchandise - Light up car decal!


These Wisconsin Badger power decals are awesome and very popular! Place inside your vehicle window and they automatically turn on/off via sensor technology! Show yours all the way to the Rose Bowl this season!! Click the heading above or visit Order today and great for Christmas too! thanks!!

Before We Begin


Good evening, Badgers fans. Before we get caught up in tomorrow's big game between Penn State and the Badgers, I thought it would be a good time to think about something more important than football. We are all aware of the scandal that rocked the Penn State community, and the effects it had on the football program. But more often than not it's the actual victims of sexual abuse that are forgotten, when their physical and mental well-bring should be front and center. Not something as trivial as football. Fortunately, in wake of this tragedy there are things you and I can do to help. Organizations like RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network), the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization, are there to help promote awareness of sexual abuse. RAINN is now working with Proud PSU For RAINN to raise $500,000 in support of the victims and their families. If you are able, I know they would appreciate your support. They have already raised over $480,000, and have worked with Nebraska and Ohio State fans recently as well. As an aside, I'd like to encourage fans attending tomorrow's game to treat anyone affiliated with Penn State with respect. Have an excellent rest of the weekend, and enjoy what should be a classic game tomorrow.

UPDATED: Marshall will redshirt, Uthoff still undecided


Freshman point guard George Marshall has changed his mind. He announced on Twitter Wednesday that he will redshirt this season, after originally telling Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that he wanted to play. Meanwhile, classmate Jarrod Uthoff would be in line for more minutes than Marshall this season, but something is holding him back. I will stick with my prediction that Uthoff ends up sitting out. I think Marshall's change of heart will help him make that decision.

Wisconsin Fan’s Guide To Attending Sat’s Game At Minnesota


Detailed guide for fans heading to Minneapolis this weekend for the game. Includes TCF Bank Stadium/University of Minnesota info, alumni events, plus hotel/restaurant/nightlife info near campus and in downtown Minneapolis. Also notes Mall of America and airport info.

Lunardi starts the Badgers as a #3 seed.


The first bracketology is out, and although it meaningless at this point, it's fun to look over. After years of "surprising" the experts, the Badgers go into the season with some expectations. As we get under way, what are your expectations? I think they will go as far as J.Taylor takes them...

WIN signed Jim Leonhard photo


Just a contest on Facebook to win a signed photo! Thought it's pretty cool enough to share!

Selig to retire to UW-Madison campus after 2012 and focus on memoirs.


As a Madison senior and Twins fan I am none too happy with this. Selig, a UW-Madison alum gets a course to be taught on the history of sports and an office in the Hummanities building in which to write his memoirs; those were requirements for his endowment fund. I wonder if he is going to write about how he couldn't wait to rid of those darn Twins and how the Badgers still don't have a baseball team.

Gopher Hockey Ranked #1 Coming To Madison This Weekend


It was just announced this afternoon that the Minnesota Golden Gopher hockey team will be ranked #1 in both the, and the USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine Polls when they come to Madison this weekend to face the Badgers in a two game series. Game time is 7:05 both nights, and recent check of the ticket service on shows there are plenty of great seats available. If you're not going to Minneapolis for the football game, catch both hockey games at the Kohl Center and the football game on TV Saturday afternoon.

Handicapping A Crazy Big Ten Race


I broke down the Big Ten divisional races on I recommend reading this if you are still confused about what kind of help the Badgers (and other teams) need to get to Indy.