Montee Ball arrested--again


Sad news. Either he did a good job protecting his image in Madison (or, does this shed new light on what happened in early August 2012?), or something has gone terribly wrong in his life the last few years. If the latter, I hope he gets things straightened out.

The radio call of Koenig's three-pointer is awesome


Hear Matt Lepay's call of Bronson Koenig's buzzer-beating three-pointer to take down the Xavier Musketeers and send Wisconsin to the Sweet 16.

Why? Because nights like this are rare and should be enjoyed from every possible angle.

Wisconsin ranked No. 25 in full NCAA Tournament seeding list


What a turnaround from where this team was in January. Also, lol Iowa.

Former Badger Russell Wilson gets engaged to Ciara


Congratulations, Russ!

Sam Dekker recalled by Houston Rockets


Go get 'em, Sam!

Luke Benzschawel hits buzzer-beater for high school basketball team


Luke channeled his inner-Christian Laettner there! Maybe he get out on the court in Madison, as well!

Watch: Diamond Stone slams Vitto Brown's head into the ground


Still hard to figure out how Stone was allowed to stay in the game after this.

Former Badger J.J. Watt wins NFL Defensive Player of the Year


At this point, it should be re-named the J.J. Watt Award.