Final Four ticket information


The link above is straight from UW and has all the information you need to know about getting tickets for this weekend's Final Four in Dallas. So, who's going?

Bo Ryan, ladies and gentlemen


Not much comment needed here.

Bo Ryan's face next to Aaron Rodgers is too much


Not much more to say.
UPDATE: We have video, too.

Luke Winn's Sweet 16 rankings have the Badgers 7th


Or perhaps more accurately, Winn has Wisconsin has the seventh-most likely Sweet 16 team to win the national championship. This table is an interesting look at the teams that excel in both halfcourt and transition defense. Of all the Sweet 16 teams that don't apply full-court pressure, the Badgers have the smallest drop-off.

Wisconsin's history in the Big Dance


This is pretty cool, and I'd love to see even more: a trip through The Badger Herald front-page history. Shoutout to Tracy Webster!

#KARMA t-shirts are now for sale


Kudos to @WesleyOnline and @BTNBrentYarina for the find at the State & Lake Clothing Co. location right across from the University Bookstore. My first-blush reaction was, "Wow, really?" My second-blush reaction was that I'm surprised it took this long. My third-blush reaction was that I wonder if these will fly off the shelves, or if we're all beyond that except for the timely #BERT tweet. Thoughts?

Badgers plan open practice before NCAA tournament opener


Wisconsin is planning an open practice before its second-round contest with No. 15 American Thursday night in Milwaukee. This should be fun. UPDATE: The practice will be held from 1:30-2:10 p.m. at the Bradley Center.

J.J. Watt flips a very large tire, apparently after lifting other very heavy weights


We know this is post-workout because he said so, and I will never not believe something J.J. Watt says. 30 reps, 1,000-pound tire. What have you done today?

Scott Van Pelt is at it again


Madison's adopted son is at it again. UPDATE: He did it again. The greatest college town on Earth? Damn right. Thank you, Andy, for staying on top of these Vines.