An amusing Bert Bielema profile on the Arkansas SBNation site:


I chuckled at the implication that Bielema is some kind of special teams guru. If only they'd made claim that he's a master of late-game clock strategy.

The folks who made Shelter made us an awesome graphic and want to give you free games


After reading our review of Shelter, the folks who made the game were touched by our common love of badgers and made a beautiful graphic showing their support for Wisconsin. Oh, and they also gave us five Steam codes to give away for anyone who wants a free copy of the game. Get 'em while they're hot: ER3GX-3LB6N-K82Q2 HWAEX-R9AZG-IEH0N VPJED-HIYV7-064CA 5XK7K-9MVYV-ADNTQ 45R5P-QY3NQ-IDV9D Damn right we're now best friends with a Swedish indie video game developer.

Kenzel Doe will likely return punts


"The punt returner is my favorite player on the team. Because he has to be one of the toughest guys there is. He stands there with his chin up and 11 guys running at him and they all would like to get a free shot on him. Then he has to catch the ball in front of 90,000 people, with the ball moving (in the wind). That skill set is hard."

Safeties coach Bill Busch |

Coach Andersen nails a belly flop!


As if we needed more confirmation that Gary Andersen isn't Bret Bielema...There's this...

Barry Alvarez on CFP selection committee growing more plausible


Wisconsin's Director of Athletics seems like a natural fit for the CFP selection committee, both in light of the recent reports that one current AD from each of the five power conferences will sit on the committee and regarding his stature among college football's higher-ups.

Alvarez says he's spoken with Hancock, the executive director of the CFP, "multiple times" and sent "strong signals" he would serve on the committee if asked. There might not be resolution on members yet since the committee itself is still taking shape -- numbers and backgrounds are still being discussed, as are the exact methods that will be followed when picking the four schools that will play for the national championship beginning in 2014. The committee will also be tasked with assigning schools to the four New Year's Day bowl games that aren't hosting the semifinals.

"I’d have to think about it,’’ Alvarez said this week of his message to Hancock, per Andy Baggot of the Wisconsin State Journal, "but football’s been very good to me and I owe college football. I’d be interested.’’

Ethan Armstrong returns to practice


Great news entering the home stretch of fall camp. The last we heard from Armstrong, he was sidelined with a left leg injury. This defense is looking more formidable by the day -- the front seven positions are essentially two-deep, and even the secondary appears to be catching on. Good health -- and yes, it is only Aug. 19 -- could be the most pivotal x-factor differentiating a solid defense from an elite unit.

Wisconsin-Florida Nov.12 game part of ESPN Tip-Off Marathon


ESPN dropped a nice bit of news for hopheads everywhere Monday, revealing its slate of games for the Tip-Off Marathon Nov. 11 and 12. Wisconsin hosts Florida at 8 p.m. CT on the 12th, and it should be a fantastic pairing of two high-powered squads that everyone will want to watch... except Kansas-Duke is up next, matching up Andrew Wiggings and Jabari Parker. Hey, it's still basketball. And it'll be here before we know it.

Ethan Armstrong on track to play in opener


"I'll be ready to play in the opener. It's just a matter of when I'll be back for practice."

Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Twitter. Armstrong added he hopes to return to practice Aug. 21. Wisconsin also starts prep for UMass that day. Armstrong has been sidelined since last Tuesday with a minor left leg injury.

Athlon Sports predicts Wisconsin's 2013 season


I had the honor of contributing to Athlon's roundtable for Wisconsin's upcoming season, and their panel of writers generally jibed with my rosy prediction for the Badgers. I have them, as of now, going 11-1, with the only loss to Ohio State. I'm certainly not overlooking Arizona State, Northwestern and BYU, but before seeing any of those teams play, I'm not seeing them as better than Wisconsin. Regardless, Athlon's predictions spell out what we should generally consider the low bar for this season: a 9-3 season, with losses to only those three teams. That wouldn't be so bad, right? I'm curious to hear more game-by-game predictions -- please feel free to share yours below.