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Graham Mertz needs to decide what he wants to be

He clearly isn’t ready to be a program savior but what does that make him?

Shall we talk about the transfer portal?

Greg Gard came out with a hot take, let’s break it down!

Should Greg Gard change the starting lineup?

Does it even matter? DOES ANYTHING MATTER?!?!

I expected more from Wisconsin

What is the cost of earning some internet clout by featuring Barstool Sports on the Jumbotron?

An open letter to Graham Mertz

Some thoughts for QB1.

Does Tyler Herro have a point?

His comments on the state of Wisconsin basketball recruiting certainly are interesting.

Wisconsin should make football a major

Along with basketball, hockey, volleyball...

Aw Jeez, Lane Kiffin is Here


What to eat at the Wisconsin State Fair

I’m so ready for this. You should be too.

How Wisconsin is reconstructing its offensive line

Separating fact from fiction when we talk about the recent history of the Badgers’ o-line.

The future of Wisconsin football? “Smart. Tough. Dependable.”

What’s in store for Wisconsin in the next five years?

Here’s how you bring Wisconsin baseball back

Requirement: Straight cash.

The Golden Age of Wisconsin athletics is upon us

The Badgers are soaring, and not just in their most prominent programs.

Totally Over It

Yep. I’m good. No, seriously.

Dear Bronson, Nigel, Vitto and Zak: Thank You

Man, we’ll miss these guys.

This Wisconsin team always managed to surprise us

Wisconsin’s dreams of a deep tourney run end in New York.

Why Wisconsin deserved its No. 8 NCAA tournament seed

Yes, Wisconsin got a tough draw. Yes, Minnesota seems to have been overseeded. But this was a mess of the Badgers’ own making.

It’s not too late for Wisconsin basketball

The Badgers still have time to get back to their winning ways.

I am really glad Wisconsin lost to Northwestern


Jim Leonhard was the bold choice for Wisconsin

Fans debate as a Badger great takes the reigns of a great defense.

The Weekly B1G Roast

If Michigan State can’t even beat Northeastern, I don’t even want to see them play Northwestern.

Ron Dayne lost his career rushing record because the NCAA is dumb

Once again, bureaucratic laziness takes the fun out sports.

B5QFQ: Sunday thoughts on THAT GAME

Early-morning musings after a disappointing collapse in Indianapolis.

Bucky’s 5th Quarter 5th Quarter: Thoughts on the weekend

Musings following the Badgers’ 13th straight win over the Gophers.

It’s Axe Week: Giving thanks for the Gophers

Rivalry Week + turkey = glorious

Bucky’s 5th Quarter’s Fifth Quarter: Wrapping up Week 12

Sunday morning musings following UW’s blowout win.

In celebration of unassuming excellence

Paul Chryst and Kelly Sheffield have their programs riding high.

Wisconsin changes venue policy in response to costume incident

Because of attention-seeking morons, there are new rules.

Non-controversial Election Day takes: Joel Stave is the best QB in UW history

Happy presidential voting time, Badger Nation.

Wisconsin’s “next men up” key to its success in 2016

After suffering numerous injuries, Wisconsin is still in the hunt for a spot in the College Football Playoff.

Exorcising the Ghosts of Evanston

Ghosts and goblins and Wildcats. Oh man.

Bronson Koenig is the key for Wisconsin basketball

Now a senior, Bronson Koenig should have a major say in how far Wisconsin goes this season.