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B5Q Readers, it’s been fun, but it's time for me to turn the page to the next chapter!

Thank you all for reading, listening, and supporting these last few years,

All good (?) things must come to an end

After many years at the helm of Bucky’s 5th Quarter, it is time for me to ride off into the sunset.

Get to know your blogger: Drew Hamm

Now it’s time to get to know our fearless leader, Drew.

Get to know your blogger: Owen Riese

Next up is our resident coach and draft guru, Owen.

Get to know your blogger: Tyler Hunt

Next up is writer and the other half of the best damn podcast in the land, Tyler

Get to know your blogger: Matt Belz

Next up in the series writer and co-host of the best damn podcast in the land, Matt.

Get to know your blogger: Ryan Mellenthin

Next up in the series is our mascot aficionado, Ryan.

Get to know your blogger: Matt Rock

Next up is our numbers and data man, Matt Rock!

Get to know your blogger: J.J. Post

The first of our blogger series takes a look at our newest writer, J.J.!

B5Q news: see you losers later

We are TV stars now.

An announcement from B5Q

Some professional news on my end.

B5Q’s advice to new college graduates

Welcome to the "real world!"

Introducing B5Q’s new site manager!!!!!

Oh snap! Here. We. Go!

What do you want to see out of Bucky’s 5th Quarter?

Let’s do a pulse check on what our community would like to see during the offseason.

A brief announcement from B5Q

A change at the top for now.

What do you want out of B5Q?

Along with the site getting a refresh, we want to know what you’re interested in seeing on here.

If you love Wisconsin, writing and the internet, B5Q wants you

Come write, edit, and find new ways to contribute to Bucky’s 5th Quarter!

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A note about recent comments spam

Hey everyone, you've probably noticed an increase in the amount of spam comments on B5Q posts these past few weeks.

A B5Q farewell

Bucky’s Fifth Quarter’s Curt Hogg is heading west

Featured Fanshot

Let's dominate the EDSBS Charity Bowl!

Every year, Spencer Hall and the gang over at Every Day Should Be Saturday have a charity drive to help New American Pathways (formerly RRISA). This charity helps new refugees to America get settled in and accustomed to American life. It is a good and important cause, and it is not one that is often thought of for charitable donations. You can read all about it on the link posted above. While giving to charity can be reward enough for some people, it's always nice when there is a "humiliating your rival in college football" aspect to it. There are, again, more details about the overall grand prize that Spencer will award to the school with the most donations (Michigan almost always wins), but I think we here at B5Q can have our own little challenge. Monday was the first day of the charity drive and it lasts all week. Wisconsin has had one donor, and he/she added 11 cents to their donation to signify the 11 straight times Wisconsin has beaten Minnesota. Let's get out there and show Minnesota, EDSBS and anyone else that Wisconsin fans are the most charitable with their bratwursts at a tailgate AND their money for a worthy cause. Here is the link to donate. On, Wisconsin!

Final B5Q Bracket Challenge standings

Congrats to Mike's 100% Guaranteed Bracket!

Join B5Q's 2014 Bracket Challenge!

New this year: a free t-shirt is up for grabs! Sign up here:

B5Q's top commenters of 2013

In terms of community building and engagement, 2013 was our best year yet. Here's to a better and bigger 2014!

Wanted: Basketball, recruiting writers

Oh, and an individual skilled in the Photoshop, too.

B5Q expanding hockey coverage this season

In an effort to take our coverage to the next level, we've added Matt Masterson and Nicole Haase to our hockey writing staff.

B5Q Weekly: Week 1 Edition

Miss anything on B5Q, or looking to revisit anything we wrote this week? Here's the best and most relevant content entering Wisconsin's season-opener Saturday.

Introducing the Kielbasa Kings Sports Extravaganza

We've worked hard to grow Bucky's 5th Quarter over the past year, and now we're excited to announce we've taken yet another step forward. Today, we introduce Jake "Kuba" Kocorowski, Scott "The Polish Rifle" Wisniewski and the Kielbasa Kings podcast.