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Spotted Cow is a good beer

This is the official stance of Bucky’s 5th Quarter and its employees past, present and future.

Wisconsin tailgating: what, uh, are we going to do this year?

Folks, we have some ideas.

Could any B1G coach beat Paul Chryst in cornhole?

B5Q investigates.

Wisconsin spring football: craft beer position breakdown

A position by position look at the intrigue level of each group on the team heading into spring practice.

Bucky's 5th Quarter Barrel

How to Tailgate Before a Badgers Game

I know 11 a.m. kickoffs are the worst, but let's take a look at a few of the places that make being up at 8 a.m. on a Saturday less worse!

Bucky’s 5th Quarter Barrel: Great American Beer Festival recap

Some Wisconsin breweries showed out on the nation’s biggest beer stage.

Beer Review: One Barrel Brewing Co. DDH Hypercolor

I’m in Madison. Let’s drink some Madison beer!

Beer Review: White Claw Ruby Grapefruit


Beer Review: Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout

The Badgers are playing a team from Michigan so you should drink a beer from Michigan.

Beer Review: Ale Asylum Keep ‘er Movin’ & Ghosted

Two beers from the Madison staple that are worth checking out as you enjoy a stress free college football Saturday.

B5QB Roundtable: best tailgate songs and traditions

What song gets you fired up to drink beer and eat meat?

Welcome to sunny Tampa Bay!

A city guide for traveling Badgers fans! It’s hot there. Who knew?

B5QB Roundtable: best brat toppings, beers and booze

If you put ketchup on your brat you are fired from this website.

B5QB Roundtable: best game day bars in Madison

Where to drink on home football Saturdays? Well, we have thoughts!

B5QB Minnesota Beer Reviews, Part 3: Rest of the state

Minnesota is a big state and lots of good beer is made outside of the Twin Cities and Duluth.

B5QB Minnesota Beer Reviews, Part 2: Duluth

Let’s go up north.

B5Q Brewery Profile: New Glarus Brewing Company

Oh snap! That’s Spotted Cow’s music!

B5Q Brewery Profile: Surly Brewing Company

It’s never too early to get Surly during Hate Week.

B5QB Brewing Profile: People’s Brewing Company

You’d be foolish to leave Indiana without trying some of this beer.

B5QB Brewery Profile: 608 Brewing Company

La Crosse is a city that can drink some beer. It turns out it can make it too!

B5QB Brewery Profile: Copper State Brewing Co.

We can’t let Michigan breweries have all the shine this week!

B5QB Brewery Profile: Wolverine State Brewing Company

Headed to enemy territory this weekend? Drink some good beer while you’re there!

B5QB Brewery Focus: Karben4 Brewing

A Madison heavyweight drops by to answer our questions

B5QB Distillery Focus: Yahara Bay Distillers

It’s a bye week so let’s talk hooch instead of beer!

B5QB Brewery Focus: Toppling Goliath Brewing Company

Iowa has much more to offer than corn and wins for visiting football teams.

B1G Beer Battle: Great American Beer Festival Results

Can the B1G West finally win something?

B5QB Brewery Focus: Giant Jones Brewing

Madison’s newest brewery is in the spotlight.

B5QB Brewery Focus: The Lone Girl Brewing Company

A busy brewery and restaurant in Waunakee is here to help us prepare for Iowa.

B5QB Brewery Focus: Rockhound Brewing Company

A Madison brewery just outside downtown answers our questions.

B5QB Brewery Focus: The Brewing Projekt

One of Eau Claire’s finest breweries takes its turn in the hot seat.

B5QB Brewery Focus: Third Space Brewing

Drinking beer before football games goes together like drinking beer and watching football games!

What to eat at the Wisconsin State Fair

I’m so ready for this. You should be too.

Crafty Cow Ride Q&A with Finish Line Events

A new event in Southern Wisconsin allows participants to get some great biking in, then drink beer!

This stream has:

B5Q's Great Madison Bar Bracket of 2015

It's the offseason. Participate in the single most important event of B5Q's existence by exercising your right to vote!

Analysis: The Great Madison Bar Bracket of 2015

Breaking down the Bar Bracket, NCAA tournament style.

Madison is top college town for 'food & drink'

Big Ten's best college town. Best college town for food and drink. Are you even surprised?