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Bracketology Report: Where do the Badgers sit in Joe Lunardi’s latest bracket?

Could the Badgers be higher? One could argue...

Wisconsin men’s basketball: UW back in the NCAA Tournament according to Joe Lunardi

The Badgers, who were not in the Dance at the start of the season, have played their way in.

Bracketology Report: where do the Badgers sit heading into Selection Sunday?

Take a look at the latest seeding for the Badgers before Sunday’s final bracket is released.

Bracketology Report: Wisconsin continues to fall, Big Ten makes push for multiple top seeds

Where do the Badgers and the rest of the Big Ten stack up as we head into the Big Ten Tournament?

Bracketology Report: Badgers continue to tumble in latest release

A win (or a few) would help a lot.

Bracketology Report: Wisconsin basketball currently sitting in a dangerous position

A couple wins to help move out of the current spot is certainly needed for the Badgers.

Bracketology Report: Wisconsin basketball tumbles in latest release

I am sure you are not surprised but the Badgers have slipped down a line.

Bracketology Report: Wisconsin basketball falls in latest release

The slip had to be coming, but the Badgers still have time to improve.

Bracketology Report: Badgers somehow hold steady in latest release

Is Joe Lundardi watching the same team we are?

Bracketology Report: Wisconsin continues to hold in a favorable position

Where do the Badgers sit after an up and down week?

Wisconsin men’s basketball: Badgers hold tight in latest Bracketology release

Despite the blowout last time out the Badgers remain in a strong position.

Wisconsin men’s basketball: Bracketology update!

Joe Lunardi is presenting three different NCAA Tournament options this year you know, just in case.

Wisconsin basketball: new Bracketology now that NBA Draft early entry deadline has passed

Where does Joe Lunardi have the Badgers seeded?

Bracketology Report: It’s never too early to look to 2021

The Badgers are seeded pretty well in the VERY early look at 2021.

Bracketology report: Badgers remain in favorable spot for NCAA Tournament

Where do the Badgers sit now that the Big Ten has been decided?

Wisconsin basketball Bracketology report: Lunardi loves us


Wisconsin basketball Bracketology report: what seed does the best team in the best conference get?

That team? The Wisconsin Badgers, y’all!

Wisconsin basketball Bracketology report: Joe Lunardi loves the Badgers

Well, well, well how the turn tables...

Bracketology Report: there is no pleasing you, Mr. Lunardi

Wisconsin basketball remains in a less than ideal spot.

Bracketology Report: Joe Lunardi hates the Badgers

Ok, that might be a tad bit dramatic. But still!

Bracketology Report: Badgers moving regions, hold tight in seeding

It’s not a big change, but the Badgers will take it.

Bracketology Report: Badgers drop despite big upset

The Badgers projected seeding just got a little tougher.

Bracketology Report: Badgers are trending downward

The Badgers are down, but certainly not out as the calendar creeps toward February.

Bracketology Report: Badgers moving up, blue bloods moving down

See where the Badgers project in the latest bracketology release!

Bracketology Report: Badgers will continue to rise after upset win

Where do the Badgers and other teams around the country sit according to the experts?

Bracketology Report: Big Ten leads the pack for the Big Dance

The Badgers are one of TEN Big Ten teams battling for a spot in the NCAA tournament.

B5Q Bracketology: Wisconsin in the hunt?

Since we last checked in on the Wisconsin Badgers, they have gone 1-3 in conference play, losing three very winnable games to Purdue, Indiana and Maryland.

B5Q Bracketology: Bubble Badgers

Wisconsin has gone an underwhelming 6-4 since the first Bracketology segment, leaving the Badgers on the wrong side of the bubble.

B5Q Bracketology: Week 1

See where Wisconsin lands as B5Q attempts to project the field of 68 for the NCAA Tournament.