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B5Q Blogopean Union: Joe Pavelski is still stuffing the stat sheet

Plus: five former Badgers will be skating for Canada at the Olympics; the wrestling team is in the top-10 now; and who is the better artist...Danielle Hart or Greg Gard?

B5Q Blogopean Union: and now we enter the long, dark college football offseason

Plus: women’s hockey still on top; Jonathan Taylor is the NFL rushing champ; and men’s soccer hires a new coach.

B5Q Blogopean Union: rough weekend for the men’s hockey team and women’s basketball team

Plus: a great weekend for the wrestling team; help out some kids and watch some hockey tonight; and T.J. Watt rules.

B5Q Blogopean Union: what else can we say about Johnny Davis?

Plus: a huge weekend for the wrestling team is coming up; Corson Ceulemans is Rookie of the Month; and Joe Thomas’ kids are good cleaners.

B5Q Blogopean Union: enjoy Johnny Davis in cardinal and white while you can, people

Plus: Dean Hamiti wins wrestler of the week; Nicole LaMantia wins defender of the month; and Dana Rettke is heading to Italy!

B5Q Blogopean Union: we’re still basking in a top-five road win, tbqh

Plus: Leo Chenal is heading to the NFL; three women’s hockey players earn WCHA weekly awards; and T.J. Watt is a menace to QBs everywhere.

B5Q Blogopean Union: is Joe Rudolph on the move?

Plus: women’s hockey performs well over the weekend; Sydney Hilley is a legend; and so is Jonathan Taylor.

B5Q Blogopean Union: Happy New Year!

We promise to not change a thing this year because we rule.

B5Q Blogopean Union: the volleyball national championship trophy is touring Madison

Plus: the women’s hoops game for Thursday is off; wrestling sets a lineup for a new tournament; and some football lineup news for the Las Vegas Bowl.

B5Q Blogopean Union: the content well dries up over Christmas

Plus: Badgers in the NFL; men’s hockey in Milwaukee; and who will play in the bowl game?

B5Q Blogopean Union: Jonathan Taylor is having an MVP season

Plus: Lauren Barnes earns first team All-America honors; Julia Wohlert is transferring; and Santa visits the football team!

B5Q Blogopean Union: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Plus: cancelled basketball games; AD Chris McIntosh has COVID; and BETTER NEWS ABOUT STUFF THIS ISN’T ALL JUST A SAD POST!

B5Q Blogopean Union: are you telling me people LIKE to watch volleyball?????

Plus: Riley Mahlman is a prick; Michael Finely and Bo Ryan are eligible for the Hall of Fame; and other news from around the Big Ten.

B5Q Blogopean Union: could Jonathan Taylor and T.J. Watt be the two best players in the NFL?

Plus: more volleyball national title coverage because duh; Abby Roque making the US hockey national team; and Jordyn Bloomer gets drafted in the NWSL Draft.

B5Q Blogopean Union: it’s an all-Big Ten affair in the volleyball national title match

Plus: wrestling rankings; women’s hockey rankings; and Rafael Gaglianone loves chicken wings.

B5Q Blogopean Union: we love volleyball and we don’t care who knows

Plus: Darryl Watts had a great weekend; Sam Dekker is settling in nicely in Turkey; and Leo Chenal is an All-American again.

B5Q Blogopean Union: Wisconsin was an answer on Jeopardy! We’ve finally made it!!

Plus: is Lauren Barnes a secret ninja; Leo Chenal is a known All-American; and Tony Granato is a Hall of Famer now.

B5Q Blogopean Union: Matt Henningsen and Dana Rettke are impressive on AND off the field/court

Plus: new wrestling rankings; throwing teddy bears on the ice for charity; and Chucky’s Hepburn’s defense.

B5Q Blogopean Union: freshmen Braelon Allen and Braxton Amos continue to dominate

Lots to catch up on from around Madison and the rest of the Big Ten!

B5Q Blogopean Union: it’s a great day to start winning NCAA Tournament matches

Plus: don’t know what else to say about the state of the men’s hockey team; some interesting players in the transfer portal; and Jonathan Taylor still rules.

B5Q Blogopean Union: Badgers basketball splits their B1G/ACC Challenge games

Plus: a handy guide on what to wear to LaBahn this weekend; Joe Pavelski is an American hockey legend; and people are watching Big Ten volleyball?!?!?!?

B5Q Blogopean Union: Badgers B1G/ACC Challenge Day is upon us

Plus: the wrestling team moves up in the rankings; Red Out LaBahn this weekend; and who did Graham Mertz target the most this season?

B5Q Blogopean Union: Johnny Davis can’t stop winning awards

Plus: PFF College names their all-Big Ten teams; women’s hockey is set for big Border Battle weekend; and Dana Rettke gets defensive.

B5Q Blogopean Union: hey, the women’s basketball team won a game!

Plus: the sustained excellence of Sydney Hilley; the men’s basketball team is taking good shots; and the mens’ hockey team can’t score.

What Up, What’s Haapnin: Big Ten Football Week 13 preview

It’s Rivalry Week. Let’s rumble.

B5Q Blogopean Union: we do not envy whoever had to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the football team

Plus: Tyler Wahl had a great Maui Invitational too; the wrestling team heads east with a new ranking; and the women’s hoops team loses again.

B5Q Blogopean Union: Jonathan Taylor is literally playing off the charts

Plus: Marisa Moseley is one of the top-40 under 40; the Badgers offensive line receives an honor; and the men’s hockey is celebrating Badger Bob.

B5Q Blogopean Union: women’s hoops suffers the most embarrassing lost in program history

Plus: volleyball wins a couple of weekly awards; women’s hockey remains No. 1; and Faion Hicks just doesn’t like neither, Faion!

B5Q Blogopean Union: still thinking about the volleyball win from Sunday night

Plus: Dare Ogunbowale sounds off on Wisconsin RBs’ love of Nebraska; women’s hockey with another sweep; and women’s soccer falls in the Sweet 16.

B5Q Blogopean Union: it’s a great day for soccer!

Plus: breakfast brats; Julie Pospisilova returns to Madison; and Jonathan Davis is ready to roll.

B5Q Blogopean Union: kind of a slow news day in the Badgersphere

Plus: some updates from around the Big Ten! And, uh, yeah...that’s it!

B5Q Blogopean Union: should the men’s basketball team actually have won against Providence?

Plus: an updated time/location for the women’s soccer match; new wrestling rankings; and Jake Ferguson is heading to Mobile.