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Did we really learn anything new at Big Ten Media Days?

Sure, I guess it was important for Badger Nation that Wisconsin’s new ball coach looked the part on stage. But now that he reassured us he’s the man for the job, can’t we just play games already?


Don't worry, folks. Barry Alvarez hired the right guy. Gary Andersen proved in Chicago that he has the mettle and confidence to be successful as the next Wisconsin football coach.

I'm not buying into the whole "boring" persona the media has pegged Andersen as having over the past couple days. You know who else is "boring" to the media? Nick Saban. Go tell him he's boring and he'll blind you with diamond title rings. Let's hope Andersen can do something of the like during his tenure.

But in all seriousness, did we really learn anything that fruitful at media days? We heard Andersen and players like Chris Borland rehash things they've already outlined in the press the past few months with one exception: Andersen's emphatic claim that Borland is the best linebacker in the country. He might just be right.

I suppose that the thorough observer might have picked up a thing or two about an opposing coach or player that we didn't know before. But even the slightest tip from an opponent in a media room does absolutely nothing to affect results on the field.

My favorite quote from media days came from Borland, who simply stated, "We don't get any points for media day."

In a nutshell, that sums up my exact sentiment of the charade that is media days. At its core, the two days in Chicago were basically theatre practice for media outlets to prepare for the season ahead. Sorry to sound harsh, but it's the truth.

I don't know about you, but media days irritated me. They irritated me because it was yet another event taking up time to show us that football hasn't quite started. They irritated me further because I really don't care one iota about what Urban Meyer declares as the state of his program right now. Let's just go out and beat him on Sept. 28 in Columbus -- that's when I'll care about what he has to say.

I realize I may sound like a grump for delivering these jabs, but media days just left me yearning for Aug. 31 when the Minutemen come to town. That day really can't come soon enough, as I'm sure all of you would reiterate.

By that time, it won't just be practice anymore for all involved, but time to perform Othello at the Globe. It will be showtime.

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