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Best Wisconsin Products: RB

Wisconsin's best modern-day RB: Michael Bennett

Our four-part series concludes with a look at former Badgers running back Michael Bennett. What makes him stand out as the best NFL product to come from Camp Randall?

UW's best running back products: Ron Dayne

The third installment of our four-part series digs into the professional career of the Heisman Trophy winner. Was he Wisconsin's best modern-day NFL running back product?

UW's best running back products: Aaron Stecker

After examining the career of Terrell Fletcher, we examine the curious case of Aaron Stecker, a Wisconsin product who transferred to Western Illinois and left an imprint in the NFL for a decade.

UW's best running back products: Terrell Fletcher

We look at which former Badgers back of the past 25 years ("modern era") had the best career in the pros. In Part One of a four-part series, we break down Terrell Fletcher's career with the San Diego Chargers.