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Rhetorical questions entering the season

Questions, questions, questions. Also some recruiting stuff.

#AskB5Q: The Fear of Iowa

Just how good are the Hawkguy Linebackers?

#AskB5Q: The NFL Draft and wither Hugs Etienne?

We're going to update on some Badgers, and can the Badgers get two NFL draft picks in the first round?

#AskB5Q: On Borland, Mixon and Trendy

Is Chris Borland perfect? The meaning of the Joe Mixon recruitment? Will the Badgers be so fetch? All that will be answered.

#AskB5Q: Second receivers and running the table

It's an emotional day in the mailbag as I explore my feelings. My football feelings.

#AskB5Q: Melvin Gordon and the BCS

The Mailbag answers worries of the fate of Melvin Gordon and if we can get back in the BCS hunt.

#AskB5Q: Curt Phillips, Columbus and "The Stops"

A discussion of the merits of Columbus, throwing your starters on special teams, and a little reiteration.

#AskB5Q: Kenzel Doe and the starting 5

It's back. We're going to run the speculation station through the special teams and Wisconsin basketball.

#AskB5Q: Joel Stave & The Camp Randall Experience

The mailbag grows in volume as we enter week two.

Ask B5Q: Favorite section of Camp Randall Stadium?

In the debut of the Twitter Mailbag, the question comes down: Where are you most comfortable in Camp Randall?