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B5Q Blogopean Union: Leo Chenal impresses at NFL Scouting Combine

Plus: Tyler Wahl and Johnny Davis being to receive national honors; UW softball is off to a good start; and Devyn Robinson is training with the national team.

B5Q Blogopean Union: can Chucky Hepburn see the future?

Plus: softball is back on the road; wrestling heads to Nebraska for the B1G Championships; and playoff hockey abounds this weekend.

B5Q Blogopean Union: on Tuesdays we wear white

Plus: spinach artichoke dip rankings; UW wrestling gets a new state champion commitment; and Wisconsin swimmer Jake Newmark wins the 500 free.

B5Q Blogopean Union: more like Goal Caufield, folks

Plus: this is now a Pittsburgh Maulers blog; one last look at Jordan Davis’ great game against Minnesota; and playoff hockey is here for the Badgers!

B5Q Blogopean Union: Three Sack Jack is hanging ‘em up

Plus: women’s swimming and diving finishes fourth in the Big Ten; men’s hockey is looking to play spoiler this weekend; and softball is on the right track early in the season.

B5Q Blogopean Union: Wisconsin wrestler Dean Hamiti is a MONSTER

Plus: Jake Ferguson is an impressive pass catcher; Cole Caufield keeps scoring impressive goals; and the softball team pulls off a couple of impressive upsets.

B5Q Blogopean Union: UW swimming and diving is hosting the Big Ten Championships

Plus: women’s hockey needs some help from St. Thomas; Dean Hamiti is one of the most dominant wrestlers in the country; and Kayla Konwent goes yard for the first time in two years.

B5Q Blogopean Union: Canada vs. USA gold medal hockey is tonight!

Plus: softball is on TV this weekend; Johnny Davis rules; and Aidan McConnell will represent her country with the USYNT.

B5Q Blogopean Union: happy Valentine’s Day, dear reader, we love you

Plus: Dana Rettke wins wine; Daryl Watts is closing in on a record; and the softball team opens their season in Florida.

B5Q Blogopean Union: tons of Badgers in Beijing content for you

Plus: the Kohl Center changeover crew is going to need a beer after this weekend; the Watt brothers look like they give good hugs; and a cool Braxton Amos story.

B5Q Blogopean Union: we hope Johnny Davis gets a new jersey that won’t rip by itself next game

Plus: D’Mitrik Trice gets to play with his brother; Ann-Renée Desbiens shuts down the USA; and Sam Dekker and Dana Rettke are looking good overseas.

B5Q Blogopean Union: huge women’s hockey showdown on Monday night! USA! USA! USA!

Plus: the women’s basketball team had a massive crowd on Saturday; Joe Pavelski is a good gambler; and Bobby Engram doesn’t say much at his press conference!

B5Q Blogopean Union: women’s hockey back in first in the WCHA

Plus: Jonathan Taylor and Melvin Gordon setting records; huge wrestling dual this weekend; and Frank Kaminsky endorses Johnny Davis.

B5Q Blogopean Union: we’ve got exciting transfer portal news (about other teams)

Plus: Dylan Holloway is back scoring goals; there is more women’s hockey tonight; and official measurements of some UW draft prospects

B5Q Blogopean Union: Brad Davison is the new Wisconsin three point king

Plus: the women’s hockey team is on a jam-packed road trip; men’s hockey welcomes No. 4 Michigan to Madison; and GRAPHS!

B5Q Blogopean Union: trying to think about anything other than Caleb Williams in cardinal and white

Plus: the women’s hockey team is ranked below second for the first time in years; Cole Van Lanen signs a deal with the Packers; and Ben Street is an Olympian.

B5Q Blogopean Union: shoutout to the women’s basketball team, again, for picking up another win

Plus: Dylan Holloway is finally back on the ice; Dean Hamiti is an incredible wrestler; and some volleyball recruiting observations.

B5Q Blogopean Union: the volleyball team has been codified as amazing by Congress

Plus: Jared Moe and Kennedy Blair are awesome goalies; new OL coach Bob Bostad has a lot of talent to work with; and Alec Ingold shares his adoption story.

B5Q Blogopean Union: happy birthday to former 17-year old Braelon Allen

Plus: Garrett Model is Big Ten Wrestler of the Week; the women’s hockey team is ready for a Border Battle; and Jonathan Taylor hasn’t bought us a Louis bag yet.

B5Q Blogopean Union: is Johnny Davis your player of the year?

Plus: Kayla Konwent is back for the softball team; women’s hockey STILL No. 1; four wrestlers are ranked in the top-ten for their weight class

B5Q Blogopean Union: yes, we’ve seen the rumors too! No, we don’t know anything.

Plus: women’s basketball wins on the road; wrestling does too; and Dana Rettke is in Italy now!

B5Q Blogopean Union: the UW Athletic Department had an excellent fall season

Plus: former Badgers keeping moving up the football coaching ranks; the men’s hockey team spanks the Spartans; and JT23 and T.J. Watt are unanimously great.

B5Q Blogopean Union: Joe Pavelski is still stuffing the stat sheet

Plus: five former Badgers will be skating for Canada at the Olympics; the wrestling team is in the top-10 now; and who is the better artist...Danielle Hart or Greg Gard?

B5Q Blogopean Union: and now we enter the long, dark college football offseason

Plus: women’s hockey still on top; Jonathan Taylor is the NFL rushing champ; and men’s soccer hires a new coach.

B5Q Blogopean Union: rough weekend for the men’s hockey team and women’s basketball team

Plus: a great weekend for the wrestling team; help out some kids and watch some hockey tonight; and T.J. Watt rules.

B5Q Blogopean Union: what else can we say about Johnny Davis?

Plus: a huge weekend for the wrestling team is coming up; Corson Ceulemans is Rookie of the Month; and Joe Thomas’ kids are good cleaners.

B5Q Blogopean Union: enjoy Johnny Davis in cardinal and white while you can, people

Plus: Dean Hamiti wins wrestler of the week; Nicole LaMantia wins defender of the month; and Dana Rettke is heading to Italy!

B5Q Blogopean Union: we’re still basking in a top-five road win, tbqh

Plus: Leo Chenal is heading to the NFL; three women’s hockey players earn WCHA weekly awards; and T.J. Watt is a menace to QBs everywhere.

B5Q Blogopean Union: is Joe Rudolph on the move?

Plus: women’s hockey performs well over the weekend; Sydney Hilley is a legend; and so is Jonathan Taylor.

B5Q Blogopean Union: Happy New Year!

We promise to not change a thing this year because we rule.

B5Q Blogopean Union: the volleyball national championship trophy is touring Madison

Plus: the women’s hoops game for Thursday is off; wrestling sets a lineup for a new tournament; and some football lineup news for the Las Vegas Bowl.

B5Q Blogopean Union: the content well dries up over Christmas

Plus: Badgers in the NFL; men’s hockey in Milwaukee; and who will play in the bowl game?