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Re-living the all-time great moments in Badgers history via tweets: Part 2

Who doesn’t love some of the best Badgers moments in history?

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NCAA Basketball: Texas A&M CC at Wisconsin Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone loved Part I of my “B5Q Tweets through Badger History” so much that I decided to get my unpaid intern Joe Ferguson to help me with Part II to take it to the next level, and let’s just say that we have some bangers for you.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to relive moments through “fictionalized” tweets from before Bucky’s 5th Quarter existed, hence why everything selected is pre-2011.

Badgers Hire “Unproven” Bo Ryan: I can only speculate how the 2024 “Fire Gard” types would have lost their damn minds at Pat Richter hiring Bo Ryan in 2001 given that all of Ryan’s success to date had come at the D3 level with UW-Platteville. But it’s safe to say the pick would have been, um, divisive. Just the same, I think that it worked out alright.

The Badgers Say Goodbye to Baseball: Although I’m often incorrectly blamed for Baseball being shuttered at Wisconsin, the reality is this happened before my second year as coach in the midst of a massive 1991 Athletic Department budget deficit. Those kids deserved better, but it was never an issue of Pat Richter hating baseball. Maybe someday the sport can return to the Wisconsin campus, but that would have to be coupled with an added women’s sport. Time will tell whether this can ever happen, but feel free to start a GoFundMe.

“Worst Team to Ever Play in the Rose Bowl” Wins Rose Bowl: Although it’s fair to say Craig James’ name isn’t exactly burning up the charts of the 2024 college football landscape, back in 1999 James was a high-profile sports personality, who tagged the one loss 1998 Badgers as the worst ever to make the Rose Bowl. Of course, we soon made him look like a fool with an impressive 38-31 win over UCLA where Ron Dayne ran through the Bruins like they were standing still (some may have been).

The Badgers Return to March Madness After 47 Years: Steve Yoder had some near misses, most notably with his ‘88-89 squad that beat two Final Four teams, including eventual champion Michigan. But it wasn’t until the ‘93-94 team helmed by Stu Jackson and led by the Big Three of Michael Finley, Tracy Webster, and Rashard Griffith that the Badgers got back into The Big Dance. The fact that this happened less than three months after the Badgers’ Rose Bowl win over UCLA was all the sweeter.

Wisconsin Stuns #1 Ohio State: Although none of us knew at the time that it would be the last Badger victory of the Buckeyes for at least 14 more years, this one still felt great. JJ Watt lived in the Ohio State backfield all night after a magical start, and the party that night in Madison was a sight to behold.