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Re-living the all-time great moments in Badgers history via tweets

We break down some of the most important moments in Wisconsin history in a unique way.

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Although Twitter/X obviously didn’t exist during many of the most iconic moments in Wisconsin Badgers sports history, that isn’t stopping The Don from using his otherworldly powers to go back in time to show you what some of these magical events would have looked like from B5Q’s perspective.

So, with no further hype, here is Part 1 of a two-part series on some of the all-time great moments in Badger history reimagined through our lens here at B5Q. Enjoy!

The Don is hired to save Wisconsin Football (1990): Nobody can ever forget the wise, history-altering call made by then Wisconsin AD Pat Richter to hire yours truly over West Virginia coach Don Nehlen. While Nehlen would have another decade of solid football at WVU, I had the Badgers winning a Rose Bowl just three years later.

The Badgers beat UCLA in the Rose Bowl to cap a dream season (1994): Naturally, this one should follow the last. As OL Joe Panos famously said in the fall of 1993, “Why not Wisconsin?” A freakish loss to Minnesota might have been the only thing standing between this team and a legitimate shot at the national title. If you’re a Badger fan, you remember exactly where you were when UCLA’s Wayne Cook scrambled his way into the Rose Bowl clock expiring in an all-time Badger moment. This was pure magic.

Ron Dayne makes history (1999): Although a ridiculous rule change that allows bowl yardage to be used for some players but not others has knocked Dayne off of the NCAA career rushing yards pedestal (Dayne is a mere 6 yards behind the leader in 11 fewer games), the real ones know that he was the greatest of all-time. His dismantling of Iowa in 1999 on the way to setting the record was a sight to behold.

Dick Bennet’s boys make an improbable Final Four run (2000): After an unremarkable ‘99-00 regular season, the Badgers entered March Madness as an afterthought. But in a magical two week run that included victories over heavily favored Arizona, LSU, and Purdue, these unheralded Badgers found themselves at the Final Four in Indy, where they bowed out in the semis to eventual champion Michigan State.

Wisconsin Hockey wins 6th National Title (2006): This may not have been the Badgers’ most talented or celebrated team of all time, but led by Hobey Baker Finalist G Brian Elliott, the Badgers beat Boston College 2-1 (with the Eagles even hitting the pipe in the closing seconds) to secure the natty in front of a wildly partisan Wisconsin crown in Milwaukee.