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Oregon, Washington joining the Big Ten

The Badgers may be getting even more west coast competition sooner than later.

The Wisconsin Badgers saw a difference in their 2024 schedule earlier this year when it was announced that the UCLA Bruins and USC Trojans would both depart the Pac-12 in favor of the Big 10, changing the dynamics of the divisions put in stone, and creating a new format for the year-to-year schedule.

After a schedule was put in place for both the 2024 and 2025 seasons, it appears that there may be another wrench in the mix: Oregon and Washington are reportedly joining the Big Ten as well, increasing the number of teams in the conference to 18.

The Big Ten may not even be done, as the school is contemplating adding Stanford and Cal to the mix, although it seems uncertain whether that’ll end up happening at the current moment.

The connection between the Big Ten and Oregon and Washington first originated last August when the two sides met to discuss a potential partnership down the line.

However, it appears conversations escalated over the past week, with the Big Ten Board of Regents approving the addition of both schools, leaving Oregon and Washington in line to join the conference as soon as 2024.

The first domino in the Pac-12 was Colorado, which is moving to the Big 12, creating a spiral as the Big Ten welcomed their two new teams, while the Big 12 then added Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah in a stunning turn of events.

The Big Ten could look to expand even more, and Notre Dame reportedly appears to be a school, as well as other ACC schools, while Stanford and Cal seem like viable options as well.

So much for the schedules of 2024 and 2025 for the Badgers.