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Wisconsin Wrestling: Dean Hamiti, Trent Hillger earn All-American honors

The Badgers placed two wrestlers within the top 8 of the NCAA Championships.

The 2023 NCAA Wrestling Championships came to a conclusion over the weekend, and the Wisconsin Badgers had two wrestlers earn All-American honors: Dean Hamiti at the 165-pound weight class and Trent Hillger at the 285-pound weight class.

Hamiti came into the tournament as the 3rd seed in his division, placing sixth overall after a pair of losses on Saturday, earning his second All-American in two seasons with the Badgers.

Hillger was unable to wrestle his final match after sustaining an injury, placing eighth in his division, which still earned him his fourth All-American honors in a five-year career at Wisconsin.

Here were the results of the two wrestlers at the NCAA Championships.

Dean Hamiti

Champ. Round 1: Dean Hamiti (Wisconsin) over Evan Barczak (Drexel) | Fall 1:24

Champ. Round 2: Dean Hamiti (Wisconsin) over Dan Braunagel (Illinois) | Fall 2:47

Quarterfinal: Dean Hamiti (Wisconsin) loses to Cameron Amine (Michigan) | Dec 3-2

Cons. Round 4: Dean Hamiti (Wisconsin) over Austin Yant (Northern Iowa) | MD 10-2

Cons. Round 5: Dean Hamiti (Wisconsin) over Izzak Olejnik (Northern Illinois) | Dec 7-3

Cons. Semi: Dean Hamiti (Wisconsin) loses to Quincy Monday (Princeton) | Dec 9-7

5th Place Match: Dean Hamiti (Wisconsin) loses to Shane Griffith (Stanford) | Dec 4-1

Trent Hillger

Champ. Round 1: Trent Hillger (Wisconsin) over Hunter Catka (Virginia Tech) | Dec 2-0

Champ. Round 2: Trent Hillger (Wisconsin) over Yaraslau Slavikouski (Harvard) | Dec 1-0

Quarterfinal: Trent Hillger (Wisconsin) loses to Greg Kerkvliet (Penn State) | Dec 4-0

Cons. Round 4: Trent Hillger (Wisconsin) over Sam Schuyler (Iowa State) | SV-1 3-1

Cons. Round 5: Trent Hillger (Wisconsin) loses to Zach Elam (Missouri) | Dec 2-0

7th Place Match: Trent Hillger (Wisconsin) loses to Cohlton Schultz (Arizona State) | Injury