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Badgers great RB Jonathan Taylor shares thoughts on Luke Fickell hiring

The Badgers running back had some thoughts on Luke Fickell getting hired to his alma mater.

The Wisconsin Badgers continue to impress with Luke Fickell under the helm as their new head coach, recently pairing with the Varsity Collective to share a welcome to the newest players on the team with a billboard in New York City.

The move caught the eye of former Badgers running back Jonathan Taylor, who was asked about his thoughts on Fickell’s hiring during a recent appearance on The Jim Rome Show.

Taylor applauded the Badgers for the tough move of changing their staff, given the early results that Fickell has produced, adding that he can’t wait to meet the new head coach.

“The first initial hiring of Luke Fickell, it was ‘man, that’s awesome’. If there’s a guy that can come into the University of Wisconsin and make things happen, it’s Luke Fickell. I was super excited,” Taylor said, “I’ve heard nothing but great things about him. I can’t wait to go back to Madison [and] get to shake his hand and meet him face-to-face.

Taylor brought up Wisconsin’s move to get a billboard done in Times Square, acknowledging how insane the move is.

“The things he’s been doing with the program has drawn a lot of eyes. I’ve ever seen that there was a billboard up of recruits in New York City. It’s insane. The type of things that he’s doing is insane,” said Taylor.

In addition, Taylor has seen the improvements that Wisconsin has made in the weight room, which will go a long way to the Badgers’ recruiting ways.

“I’ve seen things in the weight room: those guys are competing every single day. You add that on top of the hard-nosed and hard-working guys that Wisconsin recruits, that’s going to be a really, really hard team to face.”

The results haven’t been seen on the field yet, which is the most important aspect of football, but the early returns have been promising, and Badgers legend Jonathan Taylor certainly thinks so.