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Wisconsin Badgers great Melvin Gordon gets a Super Bowl ring

Melvin Gordon bounced around a few teams and made fun of, but he gets the last laugh.

Super Bowl 57 Champion Melvin Gordon!

You have to respect it and put call him Super Bowl Champion now.

While a member of the Wisconsin Badgers, Gordon rushed for 4,915 yards and 45 touchdowns before being drafted 15th overall in the 2015 NFL Draft by the then-San Diego Chargers.

After 5 years with the Chargers, Gordon signed with the Broncos. In his first two seasons with the Broncos, he rushed for 900+ yards in each season.

Then, the Broncos msde a big trade for former Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks.

Melvin Gordon became frustrated with his playing time. For a while, it was being reported as fumbles being the reason for less playing time.

The biggest thing is Broncos fans never cared for Gordon. He was always a player they would bash on.

Finally, fans were making fun of him as the kid who gets credit on an assignment while not doing anything. This wasn't just from the Broncos fans, it also came from Chargers fans.

Melvin Gordon had the epic clap back to the Bolt Beat post. He posed with the Lombardi Trophy. He later answered a question in incredible fashion.

The way Super Bowl Champion Melvin Gordon was honest is amazing. He doesn't care what fans say. He’s a champion and will be sizing his finger for a ring soon.

Congratulations Melvin Gordon it’s been a crazy year for you, and you ended up a Super Bowl Champion. Fans can say whatever they want to you as long as they start referring to you as Super Bowl Champion.