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AMA: Ask your Badgers-related questions

It’s been an ugly past week for the Badgers in the sports world.

We are back with the Wisconsin Badgers “Ask Me Anything” sessions with a ton of Badger-related questions floating at the moment.

To say that it hasn’t been a rough week and a half for Badgers fans would be an understatement.

The Badgers football team has suffered back-to-back embarrassing losses that have forced them to still be vying for bowl eligibility with two games left in the season.

Meanwhile, the Badgers basketball team is also coming off consecutive losses to Tennessee and Providence, trailing by as many as 25 in the latter game.

Then came the improbable Badgers volleyball loss to Penn State over the weekend, which dropped them to No. 3 in the AVCA Poll this week.

There’s a ton of action this weekend for the Badgers, as both hockey teams, which are now ranked No. 1, face off in weekend series’ after the bye week, while the basketball, football, and volleyball teams all have weekend matchups as well.

Nonetheless, it’s a busy time in the Badgers world, which means there’s got to be questions!

Every single week, I’m looking to do an AMA session, where everyone can ask whatever questions they have about the Badgers in the comments, and I’ll answer each and every one over the next 24 hours.

Drop your Badgers-related questions in the comments down below!