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AMA: Ask your Badgers-related questions

We’re bringing back the “Ask Me Anything” installment with a busy weekend in the Badgers world.

We are back with the Wisconsin Badgers “Ask Me Anything” sessions with so many Badger-related questions floating at the moment.

The Badgers football team is currently 5-4 coming off a tough loss to the Indiana Hoosiers, essentially ruling them out of a potential Big Ten Championship spot, barring any last-second miracles.

Meanwhile, the Badgers basketball team is set to face off against the No. 9 Tennessee Volunteers after a dominant 105-76 victory in the opener against Arkansas State.

The Badgers volleyball team remains at No. 2, and has back-to-back road matches on Friday and Saturday this week.

And, both Badgers hockey teams are thriving, with the women’s team firmly holding their No. 1 spot and the men’s team skyrocketing all the way up to No. 3.

Nonetheless, it’s a busy time in the Badgers world, which means there’s got to be questions!

Every single week, I’m looking to do an AMA session, where everyone can ask whatever questions they have about the Badgers in the comments, and I’ll answer each and every one over the next 24 hours.

Drop your Badgers-related questions in the comments down below!

Side note: I’ve gotten a few comments recently about our postgame coverage and the number of articles posted on gameday.

While I’m actively looking to make the experience better for all of you that read and comment on your articles, I also do value those who like the instant content, which is why I’ll make this suggestion for the time being.

To carry conversations postgame, I advise all of you to primarily focus on the “three quick takeaways” article that comes out post-basketball and football games, placing your thoughts and discussions there.

Of course, feel free to continue commenting as you guys have done, but for those looking for a central area of communication, that article would be my suggestion, as it’s the first postgame article always posted.

Again, I’m consistently looking for the best ways to improve your experience and will continue to space out the postgame pieces to the best of my ability with time permitting, but am always open to suggestions in the comments!