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Welcome from your newest writer: Matt Reeves

Bucky’s 5th Quarter is adding a new writer, let us introduce Matt Reeves.

Hey, Badgers fans! I’m Matt Reeves, one of the new writers on the block for B5Q!

I’m a sophomore studying business at the University of Wisconsin, and I have always had a strong passion for sports. I played soccer from when I was 4 years old up until I graduated high school, and I played basketball for years as a kid as well.

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have always been a longtime fan of the 49ers, Warriors, and San Francisco Giants. However, I always enjoyed watching the Badgers and admired Big Ten sports from afar.

Growing up on the west coast, I would typically wake up on a Saturday morning and head into the living room to turn on the tv and see FOX airing a Wisconsin football game.

Whether it was the undefeated Badgers taking on the Michigan Wolverines at Camp Randall on a cold November day or Frank Kaminsky leading the Badgers past my beloved California Golden Bears in basketball, it seemed as if I could never escape the Wisconsin Badgers.

Also, it is surprising how often Wisconsin played in those dreaded noon games.

Anyways, it was always my dream to one day attend a big university such as Wisconsin where sports meant much more to not only the students but to the alumni and the community surrounding the university.

I will always remember my first game day at Camp Randall, walking into the stadium and feeling the atmosphere, and just how passionate the fans were. It gave me goosebumps.

Both of my parents attended UC Berkeley, so I grew up a massive California Golden Bears fan, but it was typically just a lot of disappointment.

And that is why I am so excited to be in living in the greatest college town in America while covering the famous Wisconsin Badgers.

I can’t wait to continue covering the Badgers this year; hopefully, this turns into a very strong year for Wisconsin sports.

As always, on Wisconsin!