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Wisconsin Wrestling: Badgers fall short in near upset vs No. 2 Iowa

The Badgers nearly pulled off the upset against Iowa, losing due to a tiebreaker.

The Wisconsin Badgers faced off against the Iowa Hawkeyes at the UW Field House on Sunday, two days after their dominant win over the Purdue Boilermakers by a score of 28-9.

While nearly pulling off the upset, the Badgers ultimately fell short, losing 19-18 due to a tiebreaker, taking them to 1-4 in the Big 10.

The Badgers faced a tough start, losing their first three matches before No. 2 Austin Gomez beat No. 7 Max Murin via decision to put Wisconsin on the board.

Following a Garrett Model loss, the Badgers impressively accumulated four straight wins before losing the last match to tie the score at 18-18.

However, Iowa won the matchup, having scored more match points, narrowly beating the Badgers.

Here are the full results from Sunday’s game:

125: #6 Eric Barnett (WIS) loses to #1 Spencer Lee (IOWA) (Fall 4:38) | 0-6

133: #28 Taylor Lamont (WIS) loses to Brody Teske (IOWA) (Dec 4-0) | 0-9

141: #26 Joseph Zargo (WIS) loses to #2 Real Woods (IOWA) (Dec 9-2) | 0-12

149: #2 Austin Gomez (WIS) over #7 Max Murin (IOWA) (Dec 5-3) | 3-12

157: #18 Garrett Model (WIS) loses to #21 Cobe Siebrecht (IOWA) (Dec 3-2) | 3-15

165: #6 Dean Hamiti (WIS) over #10 Patrick Kennedy (IOWA) (Dec 4-3) | 6-15

174: Josh Otto (WIS) over Drake Rhodes (IOWA) (Dec 6-5) | 9-15

184: Tyler Dow (WIS) over #8 Abe Assad (IOWA) (Fall 1:24) | 15-15

197: #13 Braxton Amos (WIS) over Kolby Franklin (IOWA) (Dec 4-0) | 18-15

285: #11 Trent Hillger (WIS) loses to #3 Tony Cassioppi (IOWA) (Dec 4-1) | 18-18

While they lost, the Badgers did set a record for attendance at the UW Field House, sporting 5,256 fans for the event.

The Badgers will look to rebound in conference play when they take on the Northwestern Wildcats in a road game next Friday.