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SB Nation Reacts: What game is the best in week three?

Plus, the biggest upset from week two, and more!

Sam Houston v Texas A&M Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Last weekend was a weekend that makes people fall in love with college football. Upsets, drama, the underdogs howling in full force, all of it makes the sport so special.

Speaking of upsets, the first question of this weeks SB Nation Reacts was in regards to the plethora of upsets we saw in week two. Which upset was the biggest surprise in the eyes of the nation? Let’s take a look.

As you can see, Marshall over Notre Dame took the cake in week two. Overall, I am a bit surprised it surpassed Texas A&M/App State but both were pretty special in their own way and the Sun Belt was able to flex its muscles a bit. I am just happy there were a couple big upsets that took the attention away from the disaster that was Wisconsin’s loss to Washington State.

As a result of the Texas A&M upset by App State College Gameday decided it was heading to Boone, North Carolina to watch App State take on Troy. Personally, I love to see that in college football as the group of five gets a lot less love nowadays then it ever did before. Was the decision to go to App State the right one? The nation says yes!

It is more entertaining, and it’s always good to see an SEC team down so it is also funny. 84% of the nation is correct despite having two different answers. The other 16%, meh. Is it really more entertaining to watch that Texas A&M offense try and move the ball down the field? I dont think so.

Despite that, and a solid week three slate, many believe Texas A&M and Miami facing off is the most entertaining week three game.

It’s a matter of preference among the nation, but I disagree with this as well. BYU at Oregon should be great, Penn State and Auburn was great last year, and Michigan State at Washington should be entertaining as well. These are all matchups you don’t see often, especially the week before some get into conference play. “Other” received 12% of votes and I can see why as there are a plethora of games beyond even these in Oklahoma/Nebraska, Mississippi State/LSU, Texas Tech/NC State, SMU/Maryland, and Fresno State/USC.

Overall, week three should be a fun one, and let's hope we have some more upsets on deck this Saturday. With a ton of good matchups, we should be in for some fun. For even more fun get some action on these games and check out DraftKings Sportsbook, the official sportsbook partner of SB Nation.